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Again this year my once beautiful white azelea the leaves are covered in small brown spots then turn yelowl and fall to the ground.Last year I found a couple of vine weevils removed them and it started to grow again but didn't flower.This time there are no bugs in the pot so what is causing the leaves to fall off


Can you post a picture for us please?  Click on the tree icon on the toolbar above where you type your message and follow the instructions.   Whoopss, just looked - you've posted pics before - sorry - teaching my grandmother to suck eggs, not that you're my grandmother of course.

I'll stop digging myself into a hole ....................... 


went on this websit but I don't think its any of these here is a photo before then they turn yellow


Lion S

There is a possibility that this is Anthracnose disease.



and    ???? what should I use?

If flowerchild is right the treatment is a spray of bordeaux mixture. It wont do it any harm as long as its not often repeated.

I'd refresh the soil by at least half, and feed it in spring as disease often occurs when plants are vunerable or weakened especially if they have flowered well and then been subjected to some stress.

We had a very hot summer and it may have dried out or been over watered, its a difficult balance after the year we have had.  


ok I will try the bordeaux mixture but the soil was neww this year dur to the vineweevils which are no longer there as I checked last week and it didn't flower at all this year so I will take your advice and let you know

Lion S

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