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I live in Surrey and have several dahlia tubers which I've overwintered in the house.

They have not yet developed any shoots depite all my efforts at CPR !

I have them buried in damp compost in the house.

Can anybody help ?



If they are making roots they should make shoots-are they warm enough?


When you put them in compost could you see the eyes where the shoots will appear. How deep have you burried them?

Just had a look at them.

The temp is about 17 C.

They may be making roots ... there are some there but they could be the remnants of last year.

What do 'eyes' look like ?  Some of the tubers have (whitish spots about 1 cm circumference)... but that could be mould / rot ?


Whitish spots are mould- the eyes or buds are where the old stem meets the tuber-that is where the shoots will appear from.

If the tubers are firm you should be ok -give it a bit longer


OK ... Grew tham last year and the tubers were fine ... I thought with all the rain and cold then they were a bit late !

Thanks all



My dahlia eyes are a whiteish  pink on the neck of the tuber, I barely cover this bit so that I can make sure that they produce shoots. Once shoots appear I then add more compost. How long have they been in compost?

If you google dahlia tuber eyes you will get lots of images.

I buried them about 4 weeks ago.

I'll leave the top showing and see what happens !

My dahlias so far this year were a nightmare.  I grew a few from seed in my green house, then pricked them out.  Unfortunately, over a couple of days, slugs seem to have got in and have eaten every one of them.  Going to try again!


AllotmentMax tubers are much more reliable, but slugs still love the shoots.

Chris when I bring my tubers indoors they normally shoot within 2 weeks, but as I said they are very shallow.

Thanks, perhaps I'll try tubers instead!  Wish me luck.

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