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I want to change my soggy lawn for decorative stones. The garden is nearly always wet leaving the lawn like a bog. I live in a rural area so get lots of leaves in the winter too. What is the best way to go about laying stones? I know I have to kill off the lawn first but I am not sure of the best weed barrier to use under the stones to let rain through.


On my drive, my builder used some DPC we had left over, then punctured lots of holes in it with a garden fork, then laid the gravel on top. It has worked now for 13 years.

When you say laying stones, do you mean paving stones or gravel?

I have used the water permeable weed membrane topped with gravel which does the trick really well.  Any weeds that do seed are very easy to pick out.

One word of warning though, if you use a gravel which is quite small, dont be surprised if the local cat population look on it as their own personal litter tray!  Larger sized gravel should prevent this.

Another thing to consider - gravel is not particularly comfortable to walk around in bare feet in the summer (and also not pleasant especially if you have a cat problem - see paragraph above!!).  Believe me, I speak from personal experience! Eurgh! (I would say that I have two cats of my own - gravel has now been replaced with other materials!!!!


If you're thinking of replacing the lawn with gravel, how are you planning to remove the fallen leaves in the autumn?

Dovefromabove wrote (see)

If you're thinking of replacing the lawn with gravel, how are you planning to remove the fallen leaves in the autumn?

Wet leaves and freezing weather makes them very slippy if not removed and you always seem to take a dozen stones with you when you lift leaves.


I find a bessom works really well on small areas of gravel, it doesn't get every leaf but certainly sweeps the bulk of them together to be picked up, I have large gravel


Jan Page

I have a grey gravel drive with membrane underneath, it is always covered in weeds and it's a back breaking job lifting them out, they seem to enjoy weed killer - any help?


I use Pathclear on my gravel drive a few times a year. Stops almost all weeds.

Jan Page
Aw many thanks Hogweed - off to the garden centre or B&Q I go

a leaf blower / vacuum is the best thing for fallen leaves on gravel. Try to get them dry , and before they've been walked over, if possible.

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