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I have always had trouble growing Godieta and I don't know why. I tried for several years to grow them in my old house and always had half die and the rest remain looking rough and put on a poor show. I assumed it was something to do with the soil or aspect of the garden. I have however moved house and I am having exactly the same problem. I have plants in multiple aspects and although the soil in both properties was clay, the soil in my new property appears to have been looked after by a keen gardener and has been well amended with organic matter. I successfully grow a wide variety of plants and am a little stumped at what I am doing wrong. 

Any help appreciated


Growing from seed. Sow finely in mpc in March. Prick out 3 inches apart in boxes of MPC or individual small pots. Pinch out the tops to make them bush. Plant out in late May , 9 inches apart. Feed once a week from a watering can with a teaspoon of phostrogen in it. Dead head regularly or they go to seed and stop flowering.


This is pretty much what I have done. They seem to do well initially even getting bushy then die before flowering


Is something eating them at the roots?


They literally snap at soil level as if rotted. Maybe that's the case but I would have thought moving to a new property I wouldn't be getting exactly the same problem. Maybe the clay soil is the issue. Its weird, I have practically grown my entire garden from seed and yet something that should be easy doesn't thrive.



I have had the same problem with godetia.

The plants grow fine, come into flower then start to die.
When I pull them up, I see a very poor root system.
So I think in my case, something is eating the roots, but I've not bothered to find out what.

What are the roots like on yours?


i've not really looked to be honest. I might try and grow them in pots next time.

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