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Keeblatt - the neighbours replaced 'their' fence, we replaced the fence at the bottom and the other side of the garden, and had a retaining wall rebuilt because the ivy had taken all the moisture out of the bricks and mortar and they just crumbled.


gledhillda, the Rounup product I have is Roundup Pro Biactive.  There are several applications for various situations. I do not know the product ultra 3000.

If what you have is Agricultural Roundup I think the rate is 25ml in 1litre of water for a knapsack sprayer.

Might I suggest you check where you bought the product and write the dilution rate on the container with a chinagraph pen.



gledhillda, I have just Googled 'Dilution rate of Roundup 3000' and all the information is there.  You can download it or there is a picture of the product with the dilution rate on the picture of the label.

tx for the tip, its on the internet label as you say but not on the real label at least not my one. i tried before to click on the dilution guide but that didn't work for me. im out and about now putting it trailing it into buckets of 1.5 percent; thanks for that tip above.





Hi All,

I have to update you on this!

You can't imagine what happened!
Having the bindweed mostly under control with Roundup (thanks for the suggestion!) the problem with the fence started. The fence needs redoing, but I did not want to put up a new fence, the bindweed climbs up and the tenants start to pull on the bindweed breaking up the trellies of the fence again!

Now a wonder has happened!

The property was sold to someone who has a horticultural background!
We discussed the bindweed and Ivy will go and we might replace the fence with a hedge

This is better than Christmas!!!





Hi there. I'm stuck in exactly the same situation and have been battling this in my garden for two years. I've just discovered this week that it's coming under the fence from a neighbour, again exactly the same as the original poster, isn't going to do anything about it.

Could I ask, which resolva product did you use?


I used Round Up not Resolva.

The new neighbour did dig out the roots she could access from her side.

The stump which was left on our side I treated with tree stump killer, which you can get e.g. at B&Q.

Having this problem resolved, there is again Ivy growing over from neighbours, this time at the back of our garden!

I will keep a close eye on this, trying to keep it under control.

I cut it open and apply the liquid tree stump killer with a paint brush!

Good luck

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