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Sorry not bumped for a day or two, been mad busy with grooming dogs, elderly neighbour, lonely son (brother away), and did get ONE afternoon in garden, digging out plants, some to plant,and some to pot for 'the gardens'.

Phillippa, have tried to pm you, but not working from your avatar. Can you pm me please? Or Rosie?

Fairy, PM me your email. I'll pm you, perhaps we could get together some time?

Got lots of promises of seeds, but none arrived yet. (i'm so impatient) Can everyone ask friends, neighbours, etc? Seeds will be so much easier to send than plants, and many can be grown in pots to give hope and a new start to those whose ground will be recovering for months.  

More than anything, things given freely by strangers, unasked for, may give far more hope and psychological support than anything that has to be fought for. It shows how people are thinking about those affected, when insurance companies etc don't seem to care. A small ray of sunshine in a very large grey cloud can make a big difference.

Also, this appeal has got me off my backside. I have sown more seeds than usual, for spares, and have got out in even bad weather, to see what may be coming through, that can be divided or dug up to give away. All when I want to stay in 'hibernation'! So, helping those who need help helps the helpers who offer help!

And just think how we will all feel, if the recipients send us some pics.

So, Come on, get those packets out. Seeds can be more versatile than plants, let's get them to people who can use them, as soon as poss, whilst we wait to send plants.


gardenj I was potting on tiny germinated things for flooded gardens on Thursday; I've never grown in much quantity before, so it became quite a production line.

I don't have spare seeds at the moment, but may have once this current planting binge is over.


Envelope is on its way Jeannie - missed Sat post, so likely to be Tues when it arrives. Some are half packets that i had left over - some are new packets i bought - went for varieties good in containers.  Hope this gets your collection going


Gardenjeannie.........have PM'd you and Rosie with my email address.

 Dry and .................sunshine  today.

Finally managed to get round to my elderly neighbour and clear her garden of all the branches blown off her 2 huge cedars.


philippa, what did you do with all these branches, firewood or hire a skip? And aren't you a star

A weary aching starA bit of firewood but mostly in my trailer for the tip..........My neighbours children are really nice but do B.....r all in the garden for her (and younger than me ).  I always find that peculiar somehow.

I am relatively new in the village ( 2 years) but try and help where \I the rest of the people on this thread


sunday bumpy

Orchid Lady

This may have been asked before, but are any seeds suitable or is there a preference?  I have loads of seeds that I all honesty I don't know what to do with them and would rather they have a good home, but just wondered if any are being a accepted before I send them?


Hi TN!

ANY seeds gratefully received!  Flowers or veg;  the earliest work is going to be planting up troughs and tubs (because soil too badly damaged) but we're also going to be sowing now for more permanent planting later in the year.  This is all about giving heart to people whose dearly beloved gardens have been devastated, either by floods or by being bulldozed to create flood defenses - so any gifts will be welcome.  In fact, a big part of the benefit for the victims is the sense that fellow gardeners are thinking about them and wanting to help.  So thank you in advance for being part of the healing process!


Orchid Lady

Ok, thanks Rosie, I'll get them in the post to GJ tomorrow 


Thank you, Tracey, as Rosie says, the fact of us all thinking about the victims is a big psychological boost for them, more than what they actually receive. And as we know from here, tastes vary hugely. I can see this being a longish term project, as we have many people deliberately growing extra plants, whether from seed, cuttings , divisions etc. Mostly annuals will be getting sown now, but others will take their place in gh's and tunnels later on. I have sown far more than usual so far, veg and sweet peas mostly, but have started other annual flowers in mods for the first time this yr, and the prop is working overtime! Have even chucked my fuchsias out of the gh, and am building a bottle coldframe for extra space! I've also dug and divided many perennials that can be grown on then planted out once gardens are ok again.

So yes, ANYTHING please!


artjak, ever been sorry you started something Don't be, in this case, it was a lovely idea, and see how many people you have brought together Isn't it surprising how much more you can fit in, space and time-wise when doing it for someone else? bet you'll always grow more plants, now you know you can!

And Ditto to Philippa. Bet those branches would have waited a day or two more in your own garden I'm in to my neighbour most days, we have a gate between. only just got round to shifting her blown down fence! Sometimes, when I'm mad busy and she decides her bed needs changed 'cos it's a good drying day, she drives me nuts, as it will usually be when I have loads of dogs to do, so on top of work, kids and normal stuff, then I need to hang it out, bring it in, 'toast' it on the radiators, then make up the bed.  3 visits of at least 1/2 hr each, as i can't just be in and out. She's lonely, but I wish she would ask how busy I am before she strips the bed! I love her to pieces, but sometimes wish she realised that I can't stay to chat EVERY visit! At least I can usually get her garden sorted without a chat, but then we have to row over money. She wants to give what I don't want, the naughty old bat! So then she sneaks it to the kids!!

And Chicky, great, can't wait. The box is waiting, with dividers and everything. Can't wait to put something other than my spares in it! This reminds me of a thread a while ago about waiting for stuff in the post. It's just as exciting when they are not for yourself! (we don't have an 'excited' smiley,so will have to do!)



My seeds will be in the post tomorrow as well.


Great, Pinkqurtet. Can't wait, it'll be like waiting for all the kids presents to arrive before xmas! I do it all online, hate shopping. It's lovely to order them, wait for them, get them, then get excited about giving them! This time it will be lots of surprises for ME before I give them! Can't get much better than that. The only thing is that I won't see peoples faces at the other end, once they get them, although I think they will be even happier at the thought that has gone in by so many strangers, than what they actually get.

You might still be first. I'll let you know whose land on the mat first

Orchid Lady

Lots of seeds on their way 


I said I'd try to post a few pictures of the gardens that we are going to be helping... a lot are still under water but here is one that has just emerged.  Not a pretty sight.



Yes indeed!  No telling which bit of Somerset that has floated in from!