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Hi Verdun - yes, there is already a site set up for donations - let me just have a look and I'll come back with the address....



Cash would be a good option for those overseas, like me. But must be sure it gets to the right people.

I will contribute cash.  For members on the forum affected by losses this winter I can help with rooted plants.



That's fantastic Verdun, thank you!


Rosie, is it too early to know what plants people will really be in need of?

I'm praying that all my aubergines and peppers germinate; I need to move them on from the propagator to make room for toms, the seeds arrived yesterday.

Thanks to everyone for the bumps


Rosie, I've P.M.d you

I live just a few miles from I am only 10 to 20 miles from the worst affected areas.............if I can help, I'd be happy to.


Philippa, hopefully Rosie can let us know what people need, but since you are so close to the flooding, do you know any of the affected people? Would you have contacts in the area to help deliver/identify where plants are needed?

Thank you so much for responding. I'm sure any spare seedlings, cuttings etc. would be welcomed by someone.


Orchid Lady

I haven't posted before as I didn't feel there was much I could do with not having surplus plants and being too far North to help physically. I had actually just come on to suggest I could donate and see someone has already suggested it.


See, a lovely site full of lovely people.

That was my BUMP. Think you've gathered I can't use one word where 20 will do!


artjak And Rosie

I have just started a tongue in cheek thread called 'Seedaholicism' just for fun. but it then occurred to me that, if I get any replies, it could help your cause. Many people could have lost seed collections  and seeds can be viable for many yrs. I'm sure seeds as well as plants would be useful to people, once they have their gardens sorted a bit. I proposed starting a seed bank to be sent to the worst areas. I had said I would pm you both, but if you look at the thread, that will tell you my thoughts. Look at the second post. If I can help take a little of your self-imposed burdens from your shoulders, and you agree, I would be happy to collect the seeds and send them on. It seemed daft to pm you both separately, when I said it all on my post, especially as my typing so slow!


Hey gardenjeannie that is wonderful!  Yes please, if you'd be willing to coordinate something like that I'm sure it would be very, very welcome!  Let us know if we can help...



UPDATE - I've asked Gardeners World if they could provide a drop-off point at GWL, and also whether we could have dedicated space on this website to save us having to bump all the time!  We'll see....

Also have sent an exploratory email to B&Q to see if they could help us with logistics (they have the infrastructure to transport plants all over the country).  I'll see what they say, if anything - and there are several other companies we could try if they are not keen.

There is a facebook page now up.  If you are on FB, search for 'Community Blooms' and you will see it.  There is not much on it yet but it ought to be a place where donors and recipients of plants can stay in touch.

Will keep you updated - for the moment consider this a 'BUMP' (even longer than yours, gardenjeannie!)



Bumpity bump


Gardenjeannie, a great idea, Rosie, it would be brilliant if we did not need to bump.

Artjac..............I don't personally know of anyone in this area who has been badly affected as I have only lived here a couple of years myself. However, it looks like you and Rosie have things in hand so Well Done

Bridgwater is pretty local to me and some of the worst affected areas such as Moorland and Burrowbridge, etc. are just a few miles east of Bridgwater.  The town has a Mway (M5) junction which could be a good meeting point when the time comes..

Whilst I cannot make a financial contribution, (I've got a good few metres of fencing to replace due to the storms ) I'd be more than happy to donate seeds, cuttings, plants, pots and WHY.  Also to help deliver stuff.

I do not have (do ? ) Facebook and I am unsure of how you Bump stuff but I will keep an eye on this thread or you could message me ( I've recently learned about that  )




Philippa, I don't do Facebook (far too grown up for me). To bump the thread, to keep it active and therefore likely to attract responses, just come on to the thread, write the word 'bump' and submit in the normal fashion. Everyone on the forum understands that and won't think it peculiar.

I like your idea of all meeting up at the M5 junction. I'm tentatively thinking of May sometime, but you and Rosie know the conditions down there far better than I, so will bow to your judgement. What is WHY?

I can't help with loads of dosh either, as need new boiler.