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Does any one know what it is??

15/07/2013 at 20:21

The leaves on the cheese plant I killed were that shape before they divided into the torn prong effect they're known for - I murdered mine by over watering it.  This seems to be the most common way of doing in house plants, judging by various friends' and family experiences!

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I think it may be! I've heard a lot of conflicting information about caring for it. Some are saying water regularly some are saying once every few weeks. Does any one have any tips of caring for it? (This is obviously my first plant!) 

16/07/2013 at 21:40

A colleague had one in her office which she managed to kill - it seemed to have rotted at the roots, which would indicate to me that it prefers to be a bit on the dry side - but others may know better 

16/07/2013 at 22:54

Don't water until it's dry - the pot should be light when you pick it up. Too much water will make it rot.

In fact, I'd go as far as to say that the vast majority of plants need to be watered only when dry - never water automatically, always check that the plant needs water.

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