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Jackie Kirk

My red broom only flowers at  ends and rest of plant is very woody , its in a fairly sunny spot in a pot


This sounds normal for broom.

Jackie Kirk

Sorry maybe i didnt make myself clear most of the plant has gone really woody and there are only a few flowers left at the top of the plant maybe half a dozen


jackie it may just be coming to the end of its life.  brooms usually are short lived, go woody naturally unless pruned correctly when very young and dont relish pot culture.  maybe replace now?


Jackie, Verdun is spot on. I've never had a Broom in the garden that has really flourished after 5 yrs,


Jackie Kirk

Thanks for that, It is about 5 I reckon I bought it when my local botanic garden was having a sale and it was such a beautiful red and yellow splash of colour. guess Ill have to find something else now

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