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Dear all,

I bought a small kumquat tree back in June of this year, and pruned it back around September (I had eaten all its fruit, and it had dried up a bit after the summer hoildays whilst I was away).

I brought it into our apartment since October as it really does get quite chilly here in Holland, and as of two weeks I've noticed a very green and healthy-looking side branch growing, as well as another 2 shoots have started sprouting (see photo attached). Could someone shed some light on what's happening? The rest of the tree looks quite dormant except for all this growing activity with the side-shoot! And I'm not sure what to do with it!

Many thanks,





Hallo Hanna

Kumquats are citrus fruits and don't normally need pruning unless they get very out of shape. Maybe the following site will help:


Sorry, forgot to say "copy/paste the link", it won't open automatically.

flowering rose

I have a kumquat and they do not like central heating.they like special food in winter and rain water.mist lightly and water once a month in winter.

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