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 I inherited this clematis and I think it may be a cirrhosa type. I would love to know what name this one is as I cannot find pictures of one like it anywhere on the web. It has pale greenish petals with a slight blush of pink but no spots. Can anyone help please?

Am a bit of a newbie but I think it is



The flowers don't look right for cirrhosa. I have a clematis Montana called Marjorie that looks like that.


You,re right Lizzie I had a look at pics of cirrhosis, doesn't,t look  exactly like that, I got one from gW on an offer, it is approximately 2mm tall and unsure if dead or alive after slugs got to it,it,s in a warm corner in a pot with eggshells round it to see if it springs back to life


That's It!! Great ! Thank you both very much. I just knew someone on here would be able to identify it correctly. I'm delighted that it's now got a name.



It's a very pretty thing - I like that - now where could I put it? 


It's climbing over OH's shed here.

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