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Hi I am still fairly new to fruit & veg growing & would appreciate some help.

I sowed a couple of rows of peas about 4 weeks ago and the seedlings are now 3 - 4cms high. I noticed the other day that most of the leaves have been eaten around the edges leaving a notched appearance to the leaves.

A bit of Googling and the damage is identical to that done by Pea Weevil. But isn't it a bit early for these pests to be out doing their stuff? - most articles refer to them being a problem from early summer onwards & (bearing in mind that we only seemed to shake off winter about three wekks ago!) this doesn't seem to fit with their life cycle.

Any suggestions for any other culprits / solutions? The peas are in a raised bed (50cm high) in a mix of garden soil and lots of spent mushroom compost. Salad crops and herbs were growing in the bed last year. Peas were raised in a similar bed (3m away)  last year without problem.

Thanks for any suggestions.


Possibly vine weevils  Go out there with a torch in the evenings and find the little hooligans and squidge them.

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