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My  jamine album was doing really nicely and was large and lush when the last frost came it killed of all the green growth. I cut out the dead growth and left the stems that seemed to have some green showing . Although i did this there is no sign of any new shoots. Should i cut it right back to the ground , leave it as it is or dig it up . This plant has been in two years and was doing really well. Any suggestions would be welcome



I would wait a little. Mine is only just coming out and I live in Dordogne. It's usually 3 weeks ahead of England here. Everything has been a bit late this year.


I'd agree. Ours here in central Italy is only just starting to get going and we've had decent weather for three or four weeks now.

Thanks for both replies .I need to be a little more patient.It is still cold at night even though we have had one or two warm spells. Rest of spring garden blooming well.


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