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we have a large well established Mahonia in the garden that has started turning brown in the past week weeks, any idea of possible causes (and of course treatments)

Mahonias do colour a bit sometimes anyway.

I suspect the cold wet weather played a role. Wait a while and see what happens.  

Do you prune it at all?  I cut mine quite hard after flowering but it can be pruned drastically and will recover.  A feed right now is worth doing too


I had a 2 metre high and wide mahonia Charity which was cut back badly 2 winters ago.  All the foliage turned brown and I thought it was a complete goner.   I cut back all its stems to very low down witha view to digging it out once the spring bulbs around it had finished but it put out new shoots and is now a couple of feet high again.

Leave yours anoher month and then prune back to new foliage shoots.  Give it a  slow release fertiliser now, such as blood, fish and bone plus a liquid tonic of rose, tomato or seaweed to give it a boost.

thanks both

I'll remove effected leaves and wait and see 

fingers crossed


Great minds think alike.....down to fish blood n bone and the seaweed spray!


Well time for an update I guess, the Mahonia had a very heavy leaf drop compared to other years, but then has gone on to thrive during the summer, pretty much all on it's own. Nice to have a happy ending


Thanks for letting us know.  It's such a nice feeling when a plant recovers.

Yeah, I'm thinking about taking some cuttings to have a couple of backup plants

Although I've never done this before so will be a new challenge.

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