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Hi everyone, 

Moved into a new house and this is the first chance I've had to sort the garden out! I've got some mysteries and wondered if anyone can help to identify them. If they're plants, how should I look after them?-

Plant 1=


Plant 2=



 Plant 3 = (think this is mint?)


 thanks in advance! 


1, spirea japonica


3, mint

I think.

star gaze lily

Could 1 be an azalea?

2  looks like Daisy....not sure which one tho (i've got one & its just coming through too.)

3  mint

star gaze lily

Not sure Ed, but it looks the same as my Daisy thats  coming through, but I can't remember what type. It could be ox eyed daist or a margrite or a michaelmas daisy!! Lol 

Thanks for your help with the first one! 


Spiraea japonica, probably Goldflame; big white daisy; some sort of mint


I am no expert but plant no 2 looks like Perennial Veronica Gentianoids which has lovely flower spikes and if you look closely you can see where flower spikes have been cut from your plant. These plants are also matt- forming


I think 2 is either a shasta daisy or one of the michaelmas daisies, probably the former, something pretty invasive and  bigger than V. gentianoides

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