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I live in a terraced house with a smallish garden.  There is a patch along one border where I cannot get anything to grow.  There used to be a large conifer there in my garden (cut down 3 years ago) and my neighbour has a large conifer adjacent to this area.  It is always dry.  Other than hard landscaping/pots are there any plants that may grow there.  

Is it sunny? Can you dig over the ground? Have you incorporated compost ? A sunny dry site could be good
flowering rose

if you had conifers there the soil will acid and nothing will grow untill you replace the soil,I had that problem.

I have removed several conifers and replanted successfully. However, I did add in lots garden compost, dried manure and organic fertiliser. All,roots have to be removed.
Greeniegog, it makes a difference too if we know if the site is sunny or shady

You would also need to persuade your neighbour to get rid of their conifer. It will be sucking all the moisture out of the surrounding soil. If this isn't possible then think about using containers but these will need watering. Automatic watering systems can be very useful here.

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