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I have a problem which is affecting my tomatoes, impatiens and geraniums. The leafs look white from a distance but that becouse it looks like the cells between the the leaf mebranes are being destroyed and you can see through the leaves. It is affecting the stems as well now. There is no sign of fungi or insects, can any body help.

Are these plants together in the greenhouse?  Sounds like the sun has been too strong and the plants not totally hardened off.  

I would feed and ensure watering is adequate.

Busy lizzies do not like strong sun, the tomatoes are young plants with immature leaves so sensitive to sun.  

I would be interested in other comments....some of my pelargoniums have white leaves but I do t suspect pest or disease.  I expect them to grow out of this state

Hi the plants are in a polytunnel and some in a conservatory but both places have got it, I have been leaving doors open when it gets too hot but not all of them have got it and lots in the strongest sunlight have not been affected. I have isolated the damaged plants but it seems to be 'spreading'. Some of the busy lizzies are collapsing and dying. It's almost like the leaf is being 'eaten' from the inside.

There is a disease of busy lizzies....have you got the normal ones?

Most of us now grow disease resistant varieties, like the new guinea hybrids because over the past 3 years or so busy lizzies have been attacked by a fungal disease that is fatal to them.  Sounds very much like your plants have this.

I think your tomatoes and pelargoniums will be ok 


I have a mixture of both new guinea and normal ones but I have checked out the disease which is affecting normal busy lizzies and it's not that, there is no sign of any fungus or insects and it's affecting my pelargoniums and tomatoes in the same way. Not sure what to do. Never come across this before.

It is not a disease-downy mildew does not affect plants this early in the season-it is cultural-too hot, too dry, too much direct sunshine

In a greenhouse you need shading-these plants are being slowly cooked where they are now

Get them outside in a sheltered spot -they should pick up

Ok Thanks for all your help, I will try puting them outside and hope they get better.

Put them outside yes but I think fleece is a sensible precaution for couple of days.  I dont think there is an  issue but have a look for soil pests like vine weevil. They do attack pelargoniums and impatiens

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