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It's my first go at gardening this spring/summer. I just bought some Bonnie tomato plant varieties and transplanted in outdoor plastic containers about a week ago. I noticed the leaves on the Bush Goliath variety are starting to show several small yellow spots on some of the leaves. I'm trying to find out what the spots are, and what can be done to treat and prevent them from growing on the plant. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Any chance of a photo, Lindsay? It's hard to know from a general description. Are they simple spots or can you see a tiny, darker "bullseye" at the centre of the spots?

I am unable to answer this question, but, I too, have a problem, I have raised all my plants from seed as usual, I have planted out bout 8 into their large pots,(being in the greenhouse), the plants are doing well have increased in size many times and look healthy.

However the remaining plants in 3"pots, about 20, have either been caught by the frosts of a couple of weeks ago, or have tomato leaf virus, having brought them back into the conservatory, they have improved somewhat but not entirely.

I am in two minds as to whether or not to throw them away and buy some more, I am reluctant to do so as they are all give-aways to regulars.




It's unlikely to be a virus, Derek. More likely frost if there was one around. What state are they in? If not too badly affected, they should recover, though will be a lap behind the healthy ones.

Thanks, Italophile, I am not too worries if they are a bit behind, as they will all be planted outside, and not for a few weeks yet.

Here in my little village in the Cotswolds, we had a series of quite hard frosts a few weeks ago, although I covered with fleece, I did suspect this was the problem,let's hope so, the stronger of the plants are greening up very well and are beginning to look like proper plants again never had a problem like this in all my 55 years of growing in the greenhouse.

Thanks again,





Sorry for the delayed response. Finally figured out how to post a few pictures on here. But here are a few examples of the yellow spots in question. One picture of the effected leaves on the plant, and the other of the worse off leaves I have already pinched off. I hope I haven't jumped the gun in picking off some of the leaves as I have been thinking is may just be a pest getting to my plant. I have a few more pictures I can post if need be.




Hi Lindsay

To post a pic on here you need to click on the green tree icon on the toolbar above where you type your post, then follow the instructions - if it doesn't work give us a shout 



Thanks for the help Dovefromabove. Hope everyone can see the pictures this time! It looks like they were rotated when uploaded, but you can still see the spots I was talking about.


Take a look at the undersides with a magnifying glass. The only thing that reminds me of is early signs of spider mite damage.  Those creatures are too small to be seen with the unaided eye.  They produce webs as the infestation takes hold.  It doesn't look like any of the forms of fungal infection I am familiar with.

I have seen a single strand or two of what looked like a spider's web strung across the containers. I could only see it when the strands hit the sun. But I'll check out the underside of the leaves and see what I can find. Thanks BobTheGardener!

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