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Great to read advice about tomatoes and I'm new to it all as well. I've got two hanging baskets (courtesy of Homebase!) with Tumbling Toms in them - have had a lot of fruits so far but.....the skins are really tough. 

Any tips on toms with thinner skins please?   Have fed them as I should etc.


I haven't grown Tumbling Toms so I don't know whether they're a naturally thick-skinned variety. Others will certainly know. Some varieties just are. It's in their genes.

Toms can also thicken their skins in warm weather, particularly if moisture has been lacking. It's their way of preserving moisture.

Interesting comments on the differing sizes of toms on individual trusses.  Yes, I used all T&M seeds this year and the sweet million are good, with several full trusses.  However, the larger toms -- I can't remember their name offhand -- have formed trusses, some with large toms interspersed with small ones on other trusses.  And the cucumbers -- exactly how mine have formed.  However, they all taste good, so really at the end of the day, nothing to complain about really


If a hybrid variety, there shouldn't be much variation in size or shape if any at all. Heirloom varieties will often produce different sizes, and, very very occasionally, even a different colour as a colour gene mutates.

Thanks for every-ones tips on ripening tomatoes.We were getting worried but glad(perhaps not the right phrase)that others are in the same boat.


Italophile, got superb tomatoes this year.....determined from the start to grow good.  However immnot too sure about Sungold.  An acquired taste,I,think. ,enjoyed gardeners delight in the past but any other cherry toms you like?


At last I have one turning red. Can I ask, when it turn's fully red how long should I leave it till I pick it?


Zombie, I harvest when they're firm with just the very slightest hint of give. Bear in mind the tom will continue to ripen - and soften - after harvesting. Don't leave it too long.

Verdun, I only grew Sungold once. Too sweet for my liking. And they tend to split if you leave them on the plant to full maturity. The only cherry I ever grow is an heirloom called Camp Joy. It's also known as Chadwick's Cherry. Will grow into a massive plant if you let it, produces tons of delicious red cherries. Send me a PM with address, etc, and I'll send you some seeds.

Here's my Camp Joy in the ground at the moment:

Mmmm. Those photos are distorted. The cherries look like a plum variety. They're cherries.


Italophile Thank you I will do that. I think I started mine to late this year, I will be more on the ball next year. Those cherries look perfect, very nice crop.

This is the one I have my eye on.




Assuming it's a red, subject to temperature, that looks about a fortnight away, Zombie.

Grew differently this year - no grow bags, but planted toms in largish bottomless pots and in turn put these pots into even larger pots.  Superb crop and so easy to water.  Also put a banana skin in the top of each pot and just watered over it until it rotted down, seems to help keep up the potassium levels.  Fed on a regular basis with my own feed from nettles and comfrey (very smelly!!) but ran out of that a few weeks ago, now just using bought brand.  Lovely to read all your comments, can glean so much helpful information.  Thanks and good cropping.

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