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Hi, I'm new to the Forum and look forward to joining in discussions.

Help, my viburnam(s) are developing yellow leaves with dark green/black blotches, any idea what it is?  I think it has been the cause of a small bush to gradually die. 




that's what I see on the inside of my bushes Holly. Are these on the surface of yours? 

Yes and then they drop.  I'm just hoping that whatever it is doesn't recur next year.


I've just had a walk out in the rain to look at mine. One looks great. The other has yellow bits, brown bits and beetle eaten leaves. It's never been the same since a tree fell on it. I cut it back to shape and it's regrown but lost it's former healthy look. I think it might have to go.

I don't know what's made yours look as it does, it's worthseeing how it goes next year but if it always looks like that you won't be pleased by it.

They're usually tough as old boots but being squashed by a tree perhaps doesn't help.

I'll keep an eye of mine, it's a large specimen, it'd be a pity to loose it.

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