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I know this may have been covered before but I can not find the info I am after. I have recently moved house and now have a concrete drive with a few cracks in (it will be replaced eventually but I want it to look the best it can for now). The thing is there are a lot of weeds that have grown though the cracks and I was wondering of the best and easiest way of getting rid of them any advice would be great (I need it to be quick and simple as I am currently works 70 plus hours a week whilst decorating the whole house after work and the garden needs to look at least ok for now, thanks everyone

Spray it with glyphosate on a dry day. Make sure there is no wind, as drifting spray will kill anything. If you do get it on something you want to keep, hose it down with water asap.

as above glyphosate all the way

I use white vinegar and works for me its also cheaper by the gallon from wholesalers

If you dont want to use chemicals then rub out the weeds with a wire brush - I use one that I bought to clean my metal work fence pre painting. It only takes a few good swipes & the weeds are gone!

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