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Leave it till spring like any plant.

If your conservatory is heated keep it outside in a sheltered spot, they will withstand some frost, Especially if well wrapped up.

If your shed is light inside, should be oK. they really don't need much heat just barely frost free.

Hope I am of some help

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Yes thank you Matty2. The conservatory hasn't got central heating or underfloor heating, we have just got a couple of electric heaters that we turn on if using. The shed has only just arrived and is a potting shed so there is quite alot of glass to one side.  Thank you for your replies and help

Hi Lily, I have put the fleece over my tree tonight as the temperature has dropped. What with that and the bubble wrap should be ok I hope. I will keep an eye on it. Good this forum isn't it. Matty2 is very helpful. Hope you got your garage sorted! 

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Yes very helpful. Buying bubble wrap tomorrow. Yes thank you Liz, we now have our garage back, couldn't believe the amount of rubbish we hoarded!  I wonder how long it stays this empty lol


Can't help with the olive, but good on ya Star for sorting your garage.  I work from mine, so it is tidy, but the house and sheds need sorting! I can't help keeping stuff that might be useful, but never is until you throw it away!

Liz, it's a great forum, isn't it? Have you had a look at Hello Forkers? It's a new one like the older 'Morning Forkers', and 'Evening Forkers', just full of friendly stuff with bits of advice to be found.



Thanks for the compliments 

Thanks Jeannie, I have looked at Hello Forkers. 

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Lol gardenjeannie, yes has happened to me too, hoard for ages then have a good clear out. Then a little while later----- now where did I put????? Then I remember I've thrown it away!

Your welcome Matty2 thanks again

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Matty2 or anyone who can help, I brought my olive tree into the conservatory,  although when the weather has been ok i've put it out for awhile. (Cons not heated) . I noticed today that some of the leaves are falling off and there's a small brown 'lump' on one of thd branches, is this normal?


Perhaps it is a little too warm/dry air.

Mine are still outside and will be until the first frosts. I'm not sure where you live but would you be able to find a sheltered place outside for it?

Just looked -as long as you wrap it and protect it from extreme cold I would hope it will be oK. Living in Sussex makes your climate fairly mild

Don't forget to water it, just to keep it happy not wet!

Hope this makes sense?

Don't know about the lump unless its a callous from a scrape.


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Thanks Matty2,  I could either put in shed/garage/conservatory or wrap it up as you advise and place it between cons wall and garage wall. But that would be open aboveit  would that be ok, our garden is either n/e or n/w facing ccan't remember which! Many thanks you are always very helpful


It does need light, well mine do. but I can't help feeling the conservatory isn't right for it as the leaves begun to fall. Mine do lose some leaves during winter but not that many.

i am worried that this advice will be a disaster

But shed if its light - did you say somewhere it's one of those with a window down one side? They will take some frost. Try it in  there, don't forget a little water does not need to be dry -mine get water when I remember

Do not need to be frost free.

Oh gosh I hope this is helpful

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Yes the shed is a potting type shed where one side of it is mainly windows. I am very grateful for all your advice so if anything happens to it don't worry.   Will let you know in the spring!!


Fingers crossed

I am about to buy a potting shed.Tiger sheds I think , what do you recommend SG Lily


I have left my olive tree outside in a sheltered spot. I did cover it with fleece when it turned cold but as it is so mild at present Ihave taken the fleece protection off. I decided not to bring mine into the house as I feel it will be too dry and maybe get too warm. As long as the root ball is damp it will be fine. I agree with Matty's advice. my tree lost loads of leaves in spring but grew back beautifully which is what they do so don't despair.

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Sorry AWB, only just seen your message. When we were looking for a new shed we saw tiger sheds ad on line. They looked quite good but in the end we got ours from a local GC in the sale.we were a bit wary of the quality without 'seeing' it if you see what I mean. We did have a good look round several GS s as the quality did really differ.We are very pleased with ours I can't t remember the make of ours but will find out if you wish


Had mine in pots for a few years and now planted out in the ground ..... having moved to West Cornwall I figure will give them a go in the ground (did the same in Hertfordshire with one that lasted a couple of seasons and then died - frozen roots/too wet maybe)  Not got anywhere big enough for them under cover..... keeping fingers crossed - though the ground may not freeze - it can be very wet/windy here in North Coast.

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Hi Carol, I found it. This may be of some help to you.

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Hi Matty2,  just to let you know, you don't have to worry if my olive tree survives the winter as we have just taken it back to the GC and got a refund The brown 'lump' i mentioned the other day got larger and we noticed there were others popping up on several branches. We looked it up on web and they are called 'GALLS' which is  a desease mainly attacking young trees.  So now we will have to decide either get one next year or try another gc. Thanks for all your help anyway Matty