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If you cover your compost heap with an old carpet, I do occasionally in the winter months, it will keep the heat in and help with the rotting.  Grass cuttings generate lots of heat but be careful if you have sprayed your lawn.  Personally, I don't add sprayed clippings for about a month, I don't know that there is a rule on this.  The more you can mix those clippings in with your household peelings the better.  It is better not to add potato peelings, or tomato plants, or offshoots at the end of the season because of disease.  I use a kitchen bin under the sink which is well over a foot high and manage to fill it in a couple of days with veg waste, nothing cooked, and ripped paper waste.

I am so glad I joined this site. Have only had one good Dalek full in 6 years. I thought worms did all the work and have been continually killing the ants that appear every few months. You live and learn

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