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I have a compost bin I have made a good bit now.  is it multipurpose in its current state how is the best way to use it.    Also I bought loads of. Compost from the garden centre this year for hanging baskets and planters which are getting past their best do I re use next year and if so do I have to treat it at all




Multipurpose compost in bags  from the garden centre is fine if it is undercover and not getting sodden, sour, and losing its nutrients out in the rain.

Compost from a bin, is good for adding to the soil or using as a mulch. To use it for sowing seeds, you would need to sieve it and mix with fine grit, and a fertiliser, and probably sterilise it. For potting, mix with fertiliser and grit.

 The old compost out of the hanging baskets, I would tip it on the compost heap and mix it up with green waste and let the worms at it.

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