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Anyone else had problems with not getting bonus subscription gift from Immediate Media.  I've had 4 months of chaos due to their inefficiencies.

The problems started when my wife bought the subscription as a present in my name, but paid with her credit card.  As a result I did not receive the first issue of my subscription while this discrepancy was corrected.  Understandable, but it was only the fact that I called to query where the first issue was that brought the matter to light.  No communication with my wife had been made by Immediate Media so there had been no attempt to resolve from their end.

Following this the bonus gift - Alan's Secret Garden book (which at the time of the present was the primary reason for taking the subscription) had been cancelled from my subscription so it needed to be reallocated.  It did not arrive so I had to chase again only to be told that it had been sent but another one would come out.  This again did not arrive by which time it was no longer available.  I have now had to purchase this book myself.

An alternative was agreed upon and delivery promised.  It also did not arrive and when chased this was also found to be no longer available.

So I now find myself with an offer of 3 extra issues - as a gesture of good will - which is supposed to recompense for this catalogue of chaos.  I have tried to get 6 issues, which much better matches the value of the missing gift but no joy.

Is it asking too much to expect to be properly compensated their inability to deliver on promises?

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