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Hello folks - we've eaten our entire fig crop   It was delicious   We had a tweaked version of Jamie Oliver's fig salad 

But folks, we bought some top quality figs from Waitrose to 'pad out' our one Brown Turkey fig.  Our fig was just so much tastier and sweeter than the bought one.  

Folks, if there's one thing you must grow before you go to "that great allotment in the sky", plant a fig in a big pot and keep it in a sunny corner of your garden - it will produce the best things you've ever eaten 



Dove you can't have eaten the poor thing..I thought he was a family pet, we all looked at his photo with affection and you've now scoffed him

So glad it was tasty & birds didn't get it.


We had garden peas, French beans, new potatoes, broad beans and the first 6 runner beans with our marinaded chicken tonight!

And, on the way to the empty the compost bucket there was a sweet little glow worm shining bright green, in the growing darkness.


That wasn't a glo worm....that was me....the phantom gardener


Oh, are you a little worm Verd. My brother used to tell me that someone had dropped a cigarette and as I was very young and naive, I used to tread on them. Don't think I did them any harm as I was only a wee child.


He he he....I am aren't I?




I'm early, but still in Spain and it's gone 6 here.

Fly home tomorrow - and having suppressed the thought for the last fortnight, I am now starting to worry about what my lovely garden might look like after this heatwave. Last year we went away at the same time of year and it rained every day, so NDN only had to look after the greenhouse. What a difference this year! So cross your fingers for me please!!

Have had a wonderful time - finishing off with a couple of days in Barcelona now. 

Will be back in usual posting action very soon. Doing this one (very slowly) on an iPhone. Daughter tells me I am using it like an old person - ie using my first finger rather than speeding round with the edge of my thumb. Life's a minefield 

Verdun wrote (see)


That wasn't a glo worm....that was me....the phantom gardener

If it was you and you are a gardener then why hadn't any weeds been removed in the night? Most disappointing!


Or were you hoping I'd think you were sweet?!


Planned BBQ tonight but can't find anywhere cool enough to put it. OH still unwell - lost 4lb - and thought it may make him cheer up. We have amoveable room thermostat with heating so I put it on table outside - partially shaded - registering 31.5, inside we have managed to keep it at about 27.

Remembered a hint for keeping house cooler from long time back. Open the loft hatch as warm air rises and it helps keep temp down. I know it worked in old house, here we have a window high up on landing that is doing the same thing.


Hello chicky. I hope you had a good time and that you have a good NDN who has watered everything.

Howdy folks

Stifling heat today...overnight hot too.  Reckon it's been hottest day so far and there's talk of 95 degrees next week.

No real gardening again but removed euphorbia rubra and planted osteospermum voltage yellow instead in front of agastache Blue Boa.  Recovering with a lager now!

No phantom gardening this week cos its too hot but I see myself as the Robin Hood of horticulture......taking plants from the rich and giving them to me,, to the poor!


It was 32 degrees in my back garden at half two today. Been inside and been to shops instead. Can't be out in that!

Chicky - glad you've had a good time! Enjoy Barcelona- it's lovely. Gaudi's home is great if you get a chance to go there. Your garden will survive- I'd wave the wand but it's unreliable these days 


Hello folks   It's the weekend - the barbie is alight and there are two thick pork chops marinading and waiting for the charcoal to be ready.  

Tomorrow I'll be parent-visiting, but Sunday I can spend all day in the garden if it's not too hot, if it is I'll drink cool drinks indoors until the terrace is in the shade, then I'll drink them out there 

Pennine Petal

Evening, excellent fish and chips eaten, then went in to Boundary Mill and spent far too much money.

Chicky, I love Barcelona, there used to be a lovely coffee shop just off Las Ramblas and around the corner from El Corte Ingles, open on a Sunday morning for coffee and cake.



Used to do the loft hatch in a previous house too matty - it works very well. This one's not so easy to reach so haven't done it yet.

It's so scorchio here I'm thinking of sleeping outside tonight...but Verdun might come a- calling.....hmmm, where did I put those steel traps...Robin Hood, Robin Hood riding through the glen...

Haven't moved the wood yet that was delivered - I could knock together a bed instead....

Steak sandwiches with toms and lettuce from the garden for dinner - really can't be bothered cooking at all though. 

Hello evening forkers

Gardengirl is here, me been unwell this week -  had to stay overnight in hospital as in pain.   They thought it could have been appendicitis at beginning of week  - lots of tests later and not that, -  more of a right side lower pain, but in back more than the front.  Still not up to anything but at least I can eat food again.  Lots of rest for me, at least I get to watch GW on TV later tonight

Will add photos of garden visit later as computer not letting me at mo

Hello Chicky garden here is really hot and bits have been cooked outside 

Did anyone miss me at all?

Hey gardengirl....yes of course we missed you.  Good news though it's not appendicitis.   

I was nearly poorly once


Just a quick pop in as Googling for a rose I started a thread about earlier..very surprised to find my full question that I posted on the forum appearing on Google under the name of the rose I'm looking for. Thought this forum was GW only. Can anyone enlighten me?


Soz it is under GW forum on Google, just didn't know our questions appeared on Google..will get my coat and put it on when it cools down.