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ye Dave , Kates just pointed it out to me thats a cert for tonite and on record just in case its got stuff to save cheers fo that

Thanks for this, had somehow missed that this is about to start - will be sure to watch now.


Just watched it, not much profit in producing standard veg is there...

hi Dave et al

I thought the simply enormous tomato growing facility was incredible! (the greenhouse not the tomato plant) will watch the next episode too.



Amazing wasn't it - tomatoes growing a foot per day!!!!


Missed that. Will have to make time for iplayer tomorrow, then remember to watch the others. Thank You.

Hi all, Well wot a prog that is,its got the right people doing it ,really good camera work, the farmer family just right and giving really good info on hows its all done,scale wow,and i never knew u could store carrots like that, and the toms just unbelieveable and all british at the fore nice, a great prog, Nice one Dave id have missed it, didnt quite get the name of that salad spud at the end they tried
on 2nite again Cheers and its raining here in Tenby now theres a change Not
Heather Michaels

This was a phenomenal programme. So much that I didn't know about. But how sadly high tech and scientific everything is now.


Well, I found it slow, they repeated themselves over and over again. Basically half an hours program stretched into an hour.

Content was interesting, but presented in a dumbed down, dull way.

I missed the programme. Did anyone comment on the flavour of a tomato that comes from a plant that grows a foot a day? I mean, it must be mostly water.

hi Berghill - I guess that programme makers have to appeal to the widest poss audience so bound to be dumbed down to a certain extent but I get what you mean. Yes, it is very scientific now isnt it Heather M? I suppose that's the only way that food can be produced at such an intense level - my inner jury is still out on whether it's a good thing or bad but I tend to veer to the organic side! (especially after a tipple of home made wine....)