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New gardening programme on Tuesday's Itv at 8pm with Alan Titchmarsh.  Love your garden ...on for an hour


That sounds good. Thanks Verdun


That's good - will fill a hole whilst GW is off air for a whole month


Verd do you know if it's  a new series of it or repeats ?


If it's the same as the previous series it's another makeover show 



Luck forward to it, thanks Verdun.

Hopefully it's a new series.  I think it is.  I like this format though and the other presenters get their hands dirty

It may be a makeover show but I remember last year it was sentimentally done ...a feel good prog I thought


Agree with Verd....and it gave me some good inspiration too!


I shall wait and see - can you remind me on Tuesday evening please - memory's not what it was 

Dove, my memory's excellent so I will remind you on...which day?  ...about that programme.  Oh yes, eastenders on then

Many thanks for the info! I'll look out for it.

Any gardening prog better than none but Titchmarsh's colleagues on the prog are good.  I'm looking forward to it.

Two weeks of tennis.  Wouldnt it be great if we had two weeks of gardening broadcasts?


Yes Verd- but Andy's on......Come on Mr Murray...

He's a Scot you know Verd....

What gardening progs would you want to see for two weeks then?

I loved Monty's Italian Gardens which was on last year (I think) but then, I'm biased 


This is a new series.


I know Fairygirl.  To think that Scotland may opt out of being a part of the uk is disappointing.  We need the connection with the scots, welsh and Irish .....

Yep, good luck Andy

I would like programmes on PLANTS....on new varieties. Features on plant types.  Experiences of growing plants.  The inspiration and joy of actually discussing and seeing plants.


There was a lovely programme about Sissinghurst and one about Lawrence Johnston (Hidcote) giving the history and background of the gardens. I love those. I find it fascinating how people arrive at the design of these spaces and how they were influenced-not always by plants as such.

I don't want to see us separated either Verd- even though I sometimes joke about it. I really don't think it'll happen anyway.


I agree Verdun, plants plants plants. And combinations, what looks good with what. Looking forward to Tuesday for inspiration.


School breaking up and our Andy is now playing tennis as well as gardening


I agree Verdun, any gardening programme is better than none.  I watched a bit of what was presumably a repeat yesterday, it was ok, Mr T is always entertaining.