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02/11/2013 at 17:09

Lily- it's 'many a mickle maks a  muckle'

A lot of a little makes a lot! 

02/11/2013 at 17:28

Oh yes fairy, thats it

Theres one about pulling a face and the wind changing?? Do you know that one?

02/11/2013 at 17:35

If you pulled a face, your mother would say  'if the wind changes, your face will stay like that'. 

02/11/2013 at 17:35

Whilst i'll say "all flash and no cash" my nan would of said "all fur coat and no knickers".


02/11/2013 at 17:36

My mum used to say that to me FG.

02/11/2013 at 17:37

My mum used to say that too, FG - and I think she was right in my case!

02/11/2013 at 17:40

Yes mine too also the fur coat one.

And now Iremember red hat no drawers!

02/11/2013 at 17:40

Champagne taste, beer money - one from my oh's Mum.

Stop the world, i want to get off - one from my Mum.

02/11/2013 at 17:43

If you eat your carrots you will see in the dark

She would also say eat your crusts and you'll get curly hair.l

02/11/2013 at 17:46

One for the sailors - wind before rain, soon set sail again! This means when the wind picks up a rain shower will follow but it won't last long. 

02/11/2013 at 17:58

There's nowt so queer as folk.

A nice Yorkshire one

02/11/2013 at 18:54

That's just the way the mop flops...

02/11/2013 at 19:03

If the wind changes when you make a funny face you will look like that  forever.

If a bird poos on your head it brings you good luck....... 

02/11/2013 at 19:12

Rain before 7 fine by 11 


02/11/2013 at 19:21

Ulster one - You have a face liks a Lurgan spade!  ( long face like the spade)

02/11/2013 at 19:42

Never cast a cloud till May's out.

02/11/2013 at 20:00

Night, night, sleep tight, mind the bugs don't bite - my grandma


02/11/2013 at 20:06

Champagne lifestyle, lemonade wages.  (living beyond your means)

02/11/2013 at 20:09
Nikki, was it don't cast a clout ( as in clothing) before Mays out?
02/11/2013 at 20:14

Mrs are probably just means i have been saying it wrong for years

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