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Lily- it's 'many a mickle maks a  muckle'

A lot of a little makes a lot! 

star gaze lily

Oh yes fairy, thats it

Theres one about pulling a face and the wind changing?? Do you know that one?


If you pulled a face, your mother would say  'if the wind changes, your face will stay like that'. 


Whilst i'll say "all flash and no cash" my nan would of said "all fur coat and no knickers".




My mum used to say that too, FG - and I think she was right in my case!

star gaze lily

Yes mine too also the fur coat one.

And now Iremember red hat no drawers!


Champagne taste, beer money - one from my oh's Mum.

Stop the world, i want to get off - one from my Mum.

star gaze lily

If you eat your carrots you will see in the dark

She would also say eat your crusts and you'll get curly hair.l


One for the sailors - wind before rain, soon set sail again! This means when the wind picks up a rain shower will follow but it won't last long. 

Nikki J

There's nowt so queer as folk.

A nice Yorkshire one

If the wind changes when you make a funny face you will look like that  forever.

If a bird poos on your head it brings you good luck....... 


Ulster one - You have a face liks a Lurgan spade!  ( long face like the spade)


Nikki J

Never cast a cloud till May's out.


Night, night, sleep tight, mind the bugs don't bite - my grandma



Champagne lifestyle, lemonade wages.  (living beyond your means)

Nikki, was it don't cast a clout ( as in clothing) before Mays out?
Nikki J

Mrs are probably just means i have been saying it wrong for years