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Could anyone advise me on strawberry plants which I have had in the a patch for about three years.  I hardly get any crop of strawberries from them, despite keeping the area weed free.  Do you have to renew strawberry plants when they have been in the ground for a few years?


You do have to renew them every few years, planting in a different place. Have you fed and watered them? Do the birds eat them? Slugs?

I think perhaps I have neglected them a bit with the lack of feeding them.  There are plenty of runners coming off each plant so I think I will pot some up and remember the feeding in future.  Thanks.

Some years, i wait til the lot have died back, lift all of the plants add manure, if the soil is very heavy i add grit too, then re-plant, helps to cut down on feeding through the year too

I've read that strawberry plants are only good for 3-4 years and then its advised you get rid of them. But if you have runners, pot them up and replace with them. If you keep doing this then you would never need to buy another plant, unless you want a different type of strawberry.



I'm sure I've heard Monty Don say similar on GW too.


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