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I asked a question about my bay tree and can't find out where Q & A's are Where do I look please email Thanks Avril
Pretty good article
The bay leaf sucker problem was fantastic. I've never heard of them before and having searched the internet and even been down to my local nursery (who couldn't identify the pest) I fell on this article by accident. I've picked off all the affected leaves and sprayed the rest of the bay tree with Bayer "Provado" which contains thiacloprid as recommended by you. Fingers crossed! Maggie
Like margaretjones I hadn't been able to find any info on what was affecting my bay. It's only a small bush so I'll try the organic route first.
Hi there ! I got eight well establisht bay trees in pots to rescue, thanks to this article I found out what was wrong with them.Unfortunelly my case was very serious and advanced. I removed all infected leaves leaving poor bay trees bare, every single leave was infected. And I dont really know what to do next I wanted to replant them in bigger pots but I dont know if thats not gonna be too much for them to bare.When the new leaves will grow? shoud I spray them aswell ?Please Help !


I also had to take all leaves off my bay. That was a few weeks ago and non have grown back. The tree looks dead and the bark is starting to peel near the bottom. Should I get rid of it? I would really miss it.
So far I have just used my finger nail to remove these annoying little pests and washed off the leaves into the sink. (my plant is only small) I read on another site you can put Isopropyl alcohol (available from a chemist) on the leaves and stems to kill the leaf suckers but I haven't tried this yet. I'll see how the organic method works first.
Our bay tree must be at least 15 years old, it is a massive thing. We have been nearly 5 years and the birds love to build there nests in it. This year after the bad snow 3/4 of the leaves have turned a copper color but are not folded at all. It looks very like the trees go in the Autum. Can anybody help please.We live on the east coast and nothing has effected it before. Thanks J
should I repot my bay trees into John Innes No3 after spaying with Thiacloprid solution as discribed
I've taken off all the leaves i can and removed all the bugs I can see but I know I will have missed some. What else can I use to treat it?

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