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Can someone please remind me of the anti slug spray used by the Hosta loving lady on Gardeners' World 9th May Malvern Show edition? It involved 2 bulbs of garlic but can't remember what else.
Hi Jo, here is Una Dunnett's Garlic Wash recipe for Hostas:

Crush two bulbs of garlic, then steam or boil them in two pints of water for three-four minutes until blanched. Strain the mixture and make it back up to two pints, then leave to cool. When it's ready to use, mix one tablespoon of the mixture into a gallon (3.8 litres) of water and sprinkle teh solution on to hosta leaves in late afternoon (in dry weather). Good luck! Kate

Hi, I like the sound of your slug repellant - does it work on other plants too or is there something specifically in the hostas that combines with the garlic solution to make it work? Thanks.
I have inherited a honeysuckle which has been trained up a wall. However, it has now reached the height I want it & I need to trim it - does it matter what time of year I do this? I am a complete gardening novice - do I just snip off the growing tips of the bits which are too long??
I want to put plants into gaps in a retaining wall, will any rockery alpines be ok? If not could somebody please list a few of the common ones that will please, I have 2 at the moment they are lewisias.


How frequently should you apply the garlic wash to your plants? Daily? What do people think?
Re: garlic spray - how long will it keep once a quantity is made up, and can I use it on other plants as well as hostas?
Can't wait to read more info on this Garlic mixture... I am about to try it on a few of my plants, and l will report back with the results. Slugs and snails driving me nuts.!! I am even dreaming about the blighters!

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