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I shudder whenever I see fruit trees for sale in a supermarket! Stacked up in their plastic bags next to the fruit and veg. It would be interesting to hear if anyone has had much success buying from a supermarket?
i have just recieved a family apple tree from DT Brown at a cost of 29.99(not by me, it was a gift)this is a really special addition to my vegetable oriented garden and i just cannot decide where to plant it.I have put it in a large bag filled with miracle grow compost with a bit of top soil on the surface for weight but i know this is non enough to stop root long do i have to site it? please help!!!
Has anyone tried growing minarettes? I haven't enough space left for anything bigger, but wonder if they're worth growing.
I've just bought three cherries on dwarfing rootstock which I want to train into either espalier or fan shape, to partially screen my wee sitootery from overlooking windows. However, when I checked my gardening books, they did just as your site does - described the finished article, but not when and how to produce it. My local garden centre bloke was excellent, but it would be very useful to get real info about what time of year and day is best, should I fasten the branches direct onto the canes to train them or can I simply put a connecting line from the branch to a fixed cane to pull the branch into the right position and let it swing in the wind, should I prune the ends of the branches to encourage spurs and if so when, can I direct the branches all at once or would a bit at a time be safer to avoid snapping them, etc.
Hi all, I live in a terrace and our backyard (15ft length, 8ft wide about) is being transformed into a green oasis. I intend to get a trained fruit tree but wouldn't like it to grow too large. Is there a 'dwarf' type tree? Thanks


Hi Lainey, I bought 2 fruit trees last year at this time from the supermarket at £3-99 each they had just come in and I wanted something to put in barrels out the front of my house for wildlife and to add some colour to the block paveing which was here when we moved in. One is a cherry and the other a necturene which has flower buds on both trees look healthy and ive seen bluetits on them, so if they fruit its a bonus but ime more happy with the bluetits visiting them.There ornimental value I would give 10 out of 10 so not bad for £3-99 each.
If your new tree is bare root, I'd try to plant it ASAP and certainly before the buds break, making sure the soil around it is kept just moist at all times so that the roots have a chance to establish before too much moisture is lost through the leaves. Open ground makes for easier and better results. If space is limited I'm a great fan of codons and they work out extremely good value too.
I purchased a stick, from woolworths about 3 years ago, it was supposed to be Magnolia Stellata, it is now a little tree Magnolia yes but Stellata no! whacking great pink and white flowers, I am now rather worried how big this beauty will grow in my fairly small garden, but what a buy for a couple of quid.
I also bought a little apple tree that was worth the money, as this is supposed to be miniture, I hope it isn't going to surprise me too two large tree's in my garden would be too much.
On the subject of plants bought from the supermarket - I bought a very small red acer for £2.49 a few years ago in Safeway's. It has been in a pot, and has had 3 different sites in the garden - now planted in front of a north facing wall and is absolutely beautiful. It's about 5 feet tall now and is just coming into leaf and once again looking gorgeous. A great bargain!
I have to say I tend to avoid supermarket plants but have on occasion bought them.....but I think the trick is to make sure you know what you're doing and also to buy only when the plants have just been put out or else they are often in a very poor state!
my breaburn and goldendelicious apple trees have plenty of blossom but don't look like there is going to be any fruit. as anyone any idea what i can do to improve the problem
I bought a supermarket Victoria Plum tree three summers ago, it settled down very well and grew until last summer. It lost it leaves very early and this Spring it is quite dead. I don't know if it was the quality of the tree or something I did or didn't do. Seems to me that it is just luck with supermarket plants. I have bought many small plants that have been fine.
hi I bounght a Sunset ( cox type ) apple from Morrisons supermarket - wrapped in plastic last Spring. Planted it in North Britanny holiday home. It produced 20 fruits . Wintered really well. Full of blossom this Easter. Hoping fro a good crop John
hi,iv just started gardening for the first time and feel that considering i dont know much, thing,s are going very well,iv got myself a plum tree but dont no what or where to put it? can you help? thank,s katrina


Hi last year i purchased a bare root dwarf apple tree. I have planted it i a large pot on the patio. it grew well. This year it has leafed nicely although i have had no blossom. i have just noticed that the new leaves have a white sort of dust over them and are curled. Is this normal? Can you helpor advise. thank you
Hi, I'm new to gardening and need some advice please- I bought a cherry tree about 2 months ago, planted it in a large pot, leaves came out and I was very happy but now they have wilted and fallen off? Any ideas why? Also my olive tree was doing great until it started getting full of ants- I spray it with various things, ants go away for a while than come back and the tree looks rather ill now. Thank you very much. Eleni
I have just bought a little lemon tree. I have just picked the only full sized fruit and it was delicious, There are lots of blossom and tiny fruits but do I have to remove most of these to get more full sized fruits, or should I just wait and see what happens. Some of the tiny fruits are already turning yellow. I'm using summer feed to help with leaf drop.
we have got sticky leaves on our lemon tree and i washed it with soapy water and repotted it,will it be ok?
My lemon tree was bought in a bit of a sorry state from B & Q reduced to £10 but had 3 lemons on it. We picked them when ripe and they were great. Not knowing much about lemon trees I left it alone and now about 3 weeks later, 7 fruit have just started to appear. I didn't do anything to the tree other than keep it well watered and it is in my porch so it is kept warm. I am looking forward to seeing if the fruit develops!!