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Oh by the way they are greedy, they ate two rows of sprouts and two rows of brocaly. So WATCH OUT !!! :p
Just build a walk in cube room with wood and netting. As long as the netting does not touch the brassicas the butterfly's taist buds (locate on it's feet) don't contact the plants. And as long as their arn't any determined Rambo-like Cabbage Whites out there, there delicate wings won't get through any medium size garden netting and would rather fly away.
i use old scaffolding netting, which i accuire from building sites i work on. build lightweight wooden frames so they can b lifted off rows of cabbages e.c.t easily for weeding.
Hallo Have sprayed my cabbages and sprout plants with Provado spray. When can I pick my cabbages, ie what is the interval between spraying and picking?Also, can I re-apply the spray? All advice gratefully received, thanks.


I too have seen my brassicas destroyed by caterpillars, barely surviving pigeons earlier, now i find them all eaten by the green small cabbage white caterpillar. I looked for eggs every day, no sign of them anywhere, but somehow my broccolie either went into bloom or were eaten. had a couple, but the brussel sprouts seem to have died certain death :-( next year it'll be nets galore!...i heard that a spray made of rubarb leaves and garlic, rotten down does a great job, but as i hate rubarb and don't grow it i couldn't say if it really works. i planted hyssop officinalis near the curly kales and the whites seem to prefer the hyssop than the kale, so might try a few more of those plants next year or give op on kales ;-)

When is it safe to remove netting? I too was looking for the answer to this as the sprouts are being restricted by it. Apparently flying (and therefore laying) tails off during September, but doesn't completely cease until November.

A good indicator of Cabbage white numbers is the number feeding from my Lavender, they can't seem to resist it and when I see them I go out with my net, catch what I can and kill them. I'm even more inclined to do this since I took the net off my brassicas and found that the 'small white' caterpillers (the green ones) had eaten the hearts out of my Romanecu. It's war now!!! The numbers are however tailing off, which is just as well as the plants are now completely without protection. The problem is that my mesh isn't wide enough to cope with the height of fully grown Sprouts. I'll have to come up with a better plan for next year. In my opinion you need mesh about 3.6m wide to cope with a 4' wide bed with Brussels plants at the recommended spacing. Unfortunately I thought that 2.6m width would be enough.

can I save my rows of Brussels and cabbages that have been eaten by these caterpillars or do I have to pull them all out?

If there's anything left you can keep them

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