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The best thing you can do is to go and see the people who are cultivating the nearest allotments to where the school is. They'll know the local soil and growing conditions and they'll also know all about what to grow as 'defensive' fencing! You might even get the odd offer of help with your project which you should accept! Once you know what to grow, the garden design should flow from that advice. Good luck and Good Gardening.
Funny ,i was feeling just the same about my small garden. Now i have the kick start to follow suit and chop my geraniums etc.
Thanks so much for your advice Steve and Brown97. I will definitely follow it. I had thought we would invite the children to offer ideas for the design and content - after all it's their garden. Great idea to check out local allotmenters. It's an exciting prospect so I want to get the design right and not too complicated! Thanks again. Keep the ideas coming!
I want to create a gravel garden but my garden slopes, would it be better to level it first? Its about 12ftx16ft.


The Playground Potting Shed by Dominic Murphy is a good book to have by your side if you are starting a school garden.
We've been in the garden all day and really gone mad on one boarder digging out all lady's mantel cutting to the ground geraniums and digging out and moving plants which are in the wrong places although it looks a little sparse its much better, you sometimes have to be ruthless to get results.
I live in Yorkshire and my geraniums,and nepetas have only just flowered so I shall not be cutting them back yet!
to yvonne unless your garden has a massive slope (e.g. if you could call it downhill)there is no need to level it. if it was you could think of split level with steps down one side good luck
Help! I am involved in creating a garden at the Primary school where I work in the East Midlands. The site (about 12m x 10m) is currently a field. We will need fencing of some sort to prevent folk nipping over from the public recreation area next to the site and helping themselves to the luscious (I hope!) produce or to a bunch of stunning (ever the optimist!) flowers for their mums and girlfriends. As you see, we would like to grow veg and flowers, scented plants and climbers. If we could have water without compromising safety that would be great. The children are aged between 4 and 11. We are hoping to get some sort of sponsorship/volunteers to help build the garden as money is very tight. Any ideas for a design?

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