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I thought Carol Klein was the person for the job, she came second in a pole in Amatuer Gardener, she is funny and amusing and very informative and loads of other wonderful things as well.
good luck toby. good garding. and maybe if you get a chance you will think of us . all the best from northwood kirkbys allotments nr liverpool.
Congratulations Toby! How about giving the girls a go... or didn't Carol want the job?! Seriously though, Toby is a great choice and I can't wait for his first day on the plot. Good luck!
Thank heaven for a new presenter of GW - I don't know Toby B. but look forward to his joining the team. Pity we still have to sit through Joe Swift's 'blokishness' as someone else put it, though I often record GW and fast-forward his bit. I do hope Toby B. will make up for him. Carol's OK too.


Carol Klein should have taken over from Monty as she is the best. Never heard of this other guy
Another vote for Carol. What were they thinking? Gotta say though I'm sick of Joe's Jamie Oliver style of presenting - just be yourself!
How do you know the girls weren't offered the job and turned it down !!!!??? It must be a very demanding position, and both Carol and Alys have other interests, after all.
Reading the comments posted on this blog does not read as comments coming from gardeners, friendly, warm, happy individuals are the gardeners I've been privileged to meet and talk to in my life, some of these people have become good friends of mine and I feel when reading some of these comments that apologies are in order, yes I believe in freedom of speech but I do think in some cases it tongue starts before brain engages. So on behalf of all REAL GENUINE gardeners out here SORRY TOBY we all look forward to seeing you.
Many congratulations to Toby. I've got a feeling he'll do a great job. I saw his garden at GW Live and was really impressed. In these times of climate change and the credit crunch I think we need someone who's more Geoff Hamilton than either Alan Titmarsh or Monty Don. I'm looking forward to a really re-energised programme in September.
I've watched Gardener`s World for years and years and three presenters that I became particularly fond of were Geoff Hamilton, Monty Don and finally Carol Klein, who, I think is an inspiration to anyone even remotely interested in gardening, she really can`t be beaten for her sheer enthusiasm, knowledge and brilliant personality which comes over in bucketfuls...As for her having her own programme, surely that's what 'Grow your own' is and superb it is too. I'm going to miss Monty and I still miss Geoff Hamilton but hopefully Carol is going to be around much of the time not because she`s a woman but because she makes gardening on TV riveting watching! Good luck Toby, good health to you Monty and thank you Carol for making my day every time I see you on the television.
I have only become a regular viewer since Carol took over and it has been very much due to her enthusiasm and style that I have become totally hooked. Very VERY disappointed that she is to be replaced as lead presenter and can't for the life of me understand why there was any need to find a replacement - she is what real gardening is all about.
I enjoy watching Gardeners World and am sure that Tony B will bring other garden experts, and no doubt give us a well ballenced and fresh outlook. I do enjoy Carol chating on GW and the others Presenters too, they all have the enthusiasm to make us get up from out comfortable chair indoors and have a go at our gardens. Even if it is only looking! With all the rain we have been having lately! Good luck, and thanks for the show, also lets not forget Monty who we also enjoy watching.
Welcome Toby will be exellent to to have a new presenter i think Carol Joe and Alice are great keep up all that great gardening. Love all athe tips new planting thats going on right now.
Toby's a great choice with a great support team behind him -Congratulations Toby! - continuation of Gardeners world is assured!


I don't know Toby much or at all, I still miss Chris and thought they should shy away from one head presenter and have guest gardeners every week to do various gardens, that's what i thought toby was doing with the forest thing, which, i'm sorry, wasn't very inspirational. I have followed GW for 15 or so years, on and off, but by now know how to take cuttings, and seriously my first year on an allotment is going great despite joe's attempts to enthuse or teach me ;-) i think gw is over for me, sadly cos it was great but the last season didn't do much for me...i guess after all these years it isn't easy to come up with new stuff to teach/show us, but i feel it isn't even tried.. Alice or Alys would make a great head gardener/presenter and I thought that's why she was introduced last season...shamecan you remember Geoff coming out with his insulating box every spring? that was superb :-) how he used old roof tiles to make a path and sowed seeds in between for a natural, faded/established path...pure genius...
As much as I would have loved Carol to be the next presenter on Gardeners World there must have been a reason, So I say go for it Toby and prove your doubters wrong. I am a fairly new gardener, albiet a fanatical one, and I look forward to a new set of eyes on the proceedings, Joe and Carol will still be there so lets give toby a chance and not pull him before hes jumped the first hurdle. Good luck Toby
Oh dear I was hoping Carol would take over. I love her passion and enthusiasm. I am a novice gardener so I really enjoyed watching Carol and her "just have a go!" approach :-)
I am so disappointed that Carol Klein has been overlooked, her enthusiasm is second to none. Her knowledge and vitality have brought the programme alive again.
Why can't Carol carry on presenting G W? She has done a great job since Monty had to step down. I do hope that we will still see Alice, as her input has been of great interest and it is also nice to have someone who deals with the every day running of Berryfields coming to the forefront. Lets have a lady presenter!!!