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04/10/2013 at 22:45
One of the few flowers growing in my yard. 4 different clumps of it some as big as a car bonnet. Only knew it as Purple Geranium. Got some from my mom and more from a woman i used do a spot of gardening for. Great plant.
05/10/2013 at 23:33

I think it comes into the category of "be careful what you wish for" plants. Like oriental poppies and forgetmenots.

Still, I suppose if you have a spot where nothing else will grow, Bill Wallis is the man to fill it.

Btw, are you from north America or do you really grow it in a yard? It would be tough enough I suppose.

06/10/2013 at 14:36

Sorry for the Americanism, Didn't mean to say that really because it is growing in my lawn. Watching too much US tv.

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3 messages