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Hello everyone. Here is the link to Alys's recipe, on the GW programme website:


Hi the pumpkin that i grew posted on 28th July 2010 with a good feed of many bottles of tomato food grew to a good size of just over 250lb it was given to a local school to carve and make use of in October, also i saved a few seeds for 2011 season, wishing you all a happy new year and lets hope a great year for growing lots of fresh vegetables in 2011
What an awesome post, you grew it all! Growing your own is a very smart idea. Everyone should try it. Whether it's herbs, or berries, or veggies, the benefits far out-way the small amount of time spent... Ken D Berry MD
some years ago you published a recipe about an uncooked chutney. My family loved it but I have lost the recipe and now, my son is growing his own veg and wants to make it. Where will I find it please??

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