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we have just started our own orchard of fruit trees from a 70 year old grab apple tree to cooking eating apples plums and pears last year and this year is the first time the crab apple tree has produced fruit.
i would like to grow dwarf fruit trees as my garden is small. Anyone know of any suppliers? thanx
re my comment on 25 june I have now discovered the problem with my new victoria plum is not frost but after phoning the nursery where I got it they explained to me its a root stock problem from a batch of plums sold throughout the country! I was told I can get a new tree at the back end.Im so glad I phoned them for advice. Has anyone else had this problem?
Last year my pear tree was full of fruit this year i have none why is this? there is another pear tree close by and that as lots of fruit on it . this will b the third year for this tree.
I have a dwarf apple tree in a tub, I bought it as a bare root, it now has many leaves and small branches, do I prune it this year or leave it until next year?


Jan has received a Discovery apple tree in a pot as a surprise 50th birthday present. It's about 6 foot tall at the moment and fruiting. We're hoping to redesign the garden in a coastal area where it will go. Any advice welcome - e.g. how soon should it be planted, when should it be pruned, how large will it grow?
I have brought a apple tree and planted it in a tub but now the fruit that was on it has rottoned and the leaves have gone yellow i am watering it daily when we dont have rain
Hi can any1 help a friend of mine bought a braeburn dwarf apple tree about 3 weeks ago and its not showing signs of life he was told these type of apple trees don't need another apple tree near to pollinate is that correct thankyou
My large garden has mature fruit trees - Russett apple, Bramley apple, pear, Victoria plum etc. Fruiting last year was prolific but we only got a few Russetts - the squirrels destroyed the rest. Hundreds (no exaggeration) of semi-grown fruits on all the trees lay ripped off with a bite out. This year the pear tree is already stripped, the plums and apples are on their way.Nothing deters these squirrels. Does anyone have a solution?
I am growing 5 apple trees all from seed the biggest is 15 inch what do i do now i no nothing about gardening it was a thing i did with the grandkids planting pips in rooting powder i have grown lots of flowers from seeds and put them in my garden but thats all i can do please help kids asking what we do next
I have two apple trees and one pear tree on dwarf rooting stock. One apple is growing but it is only their first year. All are in large pots and watered regularly. Do they need pruning and if so, how?
Hello all - new to this blog/gardening malarchy and need some advice on the care of old apple and pear trees. We bought a house a year ago and inherited 4 apple trees and a pear tree (along with raspberries, rhubarb, strawberries). The apple trees look fairly old and gnarly and have what appears to be a lot of old wood on them.

The apple crop this year was pretty impressive but because we've been busy renovating the house I haven't had time to care for the garden.The upshot has been all the fruit falling to the ground, pretty early (July/August) leaving very little on the trees themselves.My question is what i should do now (or when appropriate) to help the trees for next season and hopefully hang on to their fruit a bit better.

The branches appear very brittle so we've lost a few over the summer in the ridiculous rain and wind we've had.Should I get up on a ladder and cut away anything 'dead' and how far back should I go ?Thanks for any help you can offer.James
Can anyone knowledgeable be of assistance? I am continually getting conflicting advice. I want to plant and establish a small, edible fruit orchard - mainly apple, with pear, plum and perhaps cherry. The site is coastal, North Wales - low lying and subject to strong winds. Pointers appreciated.
in replie to G G Grower, you will have to be very careful in the selection of which varieties you grow as the conditions are quite harsh. I have been in the process of establishing an orchard in a similar location to that which you describe, and have learned some things along the way, for example you may need to use 1 stage larger rootstock than would usually be recommended for the size of tree you plan to grow as it needs extra anchorage in an exposed position, and the wind will tend to burn the ends of the branches slowing the growth. you may find some information which is useful to you here: not least this information sheet: hope this helps and good luck! Jonty


I live in North Wales, about 800Yds. from the beach, just West of the Clwyd estuary. I would like to grow two (or more)apple trees. My wife likes Coxes, Worcester Pearmain & other old varieties (like me). Can anyone suggest suitable varieties to grow in this area. Soil is estuary silt, (clay like)and sub soil left by the builders. thanks Mike.
We have inherited an apple tree - based on the taste they are cooking apples. Like Pippas tree it is ugly - it is growing sideways due to other trees in our neighbours garden. We had more apples than we could use (there is only so much you can do with them) so we donated them to a restaurant. Question is how do we prune it? It looks nothing like the nicely shaped trees in all of the books. Help!
can anyone help me i have a minarette apple tree in my garden do i need another apple tree to pollinate it if so which would be best?
Hi i am trying to find out where i can buy a reuben apple tree for my nephew. I know they are not a common tree and are fairly rare. DOes anyone know if they are for sale in england yet?
You can find loads of information about different fruit trees and bushes on the following website: Good for info on pollination of and between different types of apple tree. E.g. Bramley needs other type of apple tree for pollination as it neither self pollinates or pollinates other trees.