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With convulvulus Jo you only need a little bit and it starts to grow. Just keep picking it up and bag it or burn in.
hi regarding the giant sunflower seeds in the last issue which i did not recieve, iam a english man that lives in germany, .is it because the G W want the guiniss book of records back in the uk ,for the biggest sunflowers grown .and not by ayorksireman in germany
Hi,This year l have bought some Petunia Surfinia Classic (Trailing) plants for my hanging baskets, will l be able to get seeds from them, for next years baskets? Thank You.
I apologise if l have posted my above question in the wrong place, But l am an oldie, and a bit of a numpty LOL. I am also new to this site, and couldn't see where else to post.


I planted sweetpea seeds 4 weeks ago in the greenhouse. They are now in 3 different places in the garden - about 4 inches tall and looking good. I live in Torquay where the frosts are rare at this time of year and if one is forecast I will drape them with fleece but I have my fingers crossed. Same with the sunflowers.

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