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I decided to grow more in containers this year - dabbled last year and had better success. So this year I invested in a Hanging Basket Irrigation kit from as you can use it in pots as well. Great help and advice - fantastic product has really paid dividends this year....
I've grown quite a few things in pots this year due to limited space in our garden. The chilli plants have done very well so I look forward to hanging and drying them up for storing. Carrots, large troughs of lettuce and the Gardeners Delight tomatoes have also been great growers in the green house so we've had a steady supply of salad items throughout the summer. Next year I am going to try some cocktail kiwi's that James Wong recommended!
I am growing melons in a grow bag for the first. I think the male flowers have appeared & as soon as they are visited by bees/hover flies they close & die. Is this normal? I now appear to have the female flowers open which are doing the same thing. There appears to be a little ball underneath the flower, is this the baby melon?

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