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I find they're nigh on fool -proof - when the flowers drop and the stem dies I just leave it and eventually the stem either grows a new branch and buds (in which case I cut off the dead stem above the new branch) or it grows a completely new stem and buds - sometimes it does both.  

The occasional watery feed (I use the Baby Bio orchid feed) doesn't seem to do any harm at all, but my plant seems to flower whether or not I remeber to feed it. 

gardenning granny

I do like Dove - except I put all my orchids in a large washing up bowl once a week and use Baby Bio orchid feed in the water. Water from above and leave to stand in the water for about an hour  (doesn't matter if it's two or three hours really)  then lift and drain and pop back in their pot covers and replace where they belong.  They hate stabnding in water.

My son does this for me when I'm away - a regime easy to remember and they've been gouing now for between three and five years.

ps.  they;'re £4.50 in Ikea at the moment!

We have quite a lot now and they seem to grow equally well in clear pots or in coloured.  We've experimented with cutting back stems to just above a node and cutting back almost to the base.  Flowers seem to appear more quickly if only cut back to a node, but the stems are much stronger when cut right back.


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