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Am I in the correct place to start a new blog I wonder? Well here goes.I purchased a young Robinia Frisia last spring and its not doing too well.I can see new growths on it every now and then but they soon wither away.Any Ideas any-one?
Nice post. Colonsay is an island of scotland. rhododendron gardens in Scotland is a amzing garden, garden was planted mostly in the 1930’s, near most scenic islands in the area. These gardens cover almost 20 acres. Christian statue is a located to the left of the garden entrance.
I can also recommend Jura House garden, spectacular wild flower border at this time of year, and try visiting Isle of Gigha in the spring. Beautiful.
I am pleased you have chosen to include my photo of the Monterey pine in your blog but unfortunately I cannot recall that you asked my permission to do so-please forgive me if you asked me a while ago! If not you do need to acknowledge the photo with my name inserted after it and ask my permission first, (If you are seeking permission to use a photo/image found on Flickr, please note that you must contact the user who posted it directly and you must be a member of Flickr to do so. Please move your mouse over the buddy icon and click the little arrow to activate the “person menu.” From there, select “Send FLICKR Mail” to compose your message. Some members display their email address on their profile too so you might be able to contact them directly.)

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