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I can't believe they've done this. I feel personally insulted by the idea of going back to proper gardening. I'd never watched GW until the week Toby began and it has been never miss TV for me. Suddenly I'm told this isn't proper gardening and isn't grown up! I'm sorry if it is childish to need advice on making the most of a suburban back garden.
Toby was great I really enjoyed his shows, I have not watched Monty before but so Far I found him a bit boring, and not keen on his garden.
Totally agree with 'Anonymous' post, 16/3.I need advice too & I don't care how 'childish' it may be, I value it. I've always liked gardening, even as a child. I used to help my uncle on his allotment. I loved helping him dig over the soil & harvest his veg. Have been lucky enough all my married life to live in a place with my own garden, small though it may be. When my kids were little they would play out there for hours, in the paddling pool or with their toys, so the garden was theirs really. we would plant bedding plants in the two borders we had & we had a couple of rose bushes. And my kids helped me to sow lettuces & tomatoes. But it is only now, over the past few years, since my kids have got older, that the garden has truly become mine. I grow veg & flowers together. I grow some of my veg in pots. Even though I've pottered in the garden for years, it's only now I'm really learning. Toby & Alys helped & inspired me loads. I do like Monty, but he's not down to earth enough for me.I was really enjoying the articles on the small front gardens in GW, not all of us have room for a 'lime walk' or 'jewelled garden.' Lovely though they may be, I need advice on gardening in a small space & how to make the most of it. I enjoyed the practical tips Toby gave. Please, please,please BBC either give Toby his own show or give him a part in GW again, along with Alys. Surely you must see how many of us want them back.
It was just awful seeing how they have wrecked GW by returning to a dull, old formula and dull format. So uninspiring and I am just giving it up as I do not want to waste Friday night seeing a dreary lecture and laerning nothing. Carol was the highspot. Dream team would be Toby and Carol.
It is such a shame that the BBC just do not seem to be hearing what we all want and need regarding a gardening programme. I personally loved it the most when Alan,Chris & Rachel were on it. It was such a treat. I would shoo everyone out of our lounge & settle onto the couch with a cuppa & simply enjoy-sheer bliss. Now its abysmal, the end of the week tele is just not the same for me anymore. I really miss it & it does seem to be same for so many. Toby did a grand job & i was learning from him. We moved to a house with a 1/2 acre garden which was just a field just as Toby started on G.World & ok yes i already knew a lot of what he was demonstrating, but i still learnt new things as well. My garden whilst still on-going as all gardens are, is large yes but a jewel garden? lime walks? box balls abounding? nope not quite, just a lawn with shaped borders that i made myself with my own home grown plants & cuttings all c/o Toby's instruction. While yes we are fortunate enough to have an old tree large enough for a tree house for our children to play in, we do not have or want to have anything grandee style as Monty always seems to want to either create or garden with. You see BBC, even those of us who are lucky to have a larger than average garden need the practicallity & reallity of Toby, Alys & Carol. Even Carol in her own large garden managed to convey that, as did Alan also. I feel for chrissie(this afternoon Thursday 17th 1:04 comment) reading her comment was very heart-felt. We have different sized gardens yes,but want & need the same type of advice nervertheless. Now there is no inspiration for the likes of chrissie & myself and we are clearly miserable, so i will echo her plea for Toby & Alys back please.


Just read this blog & have tosay that is blatantly clear that 2 types of gardeners are very evident & that 2 types of gardening programmes are needed. One for Monty type gardening fans & one for real gardens people. That should do it. I'm a practical gardener and after watching Monty previously & on last Fridays Gardeners World, am finding it no longer for me. It's currently confusing & does not offer what i either want to watch or require. Toby was informative, practical & real. Monty simply is not. That's not being unkind towards Monty just realistic about what i personally want & need from a gardening programme,so i will hang out for Alan Titchmarshes' new show on itv in June.
It's all just poo!! Sorry but it really really is. I used to love gardeners world having grown up on my dear late grandpops knee watching it in the hands of Geoff Hamilton. Then with my late dad, the two of us having been inspired by the likes of Alan Titchmarsh, Chris Beardshaw & Carol Klein, flasks & trowels in hand on dads allotment & in my small garden, performing minor miracles with veg & flowers alike. Now it's all gone! Neither my grandpops or dad cared for Montys style/ways etc "not for the common man" un-quote.
If Tobys gardening advice is "childlike" than i will walk about happily sucking my thumb while in my garden. I also feel insulted at the mention of "Back To Proper Gardening" c/o Monty. Gardening technique is surely different for each of us isn't it? but the basics must remain the same. It appears to be Montys technique that is the problem for many viewers as well as his sometimes incorrect basics (advice). For me Monty does just not cut it. He lectures and i have to say does not inspire me. Geoff H and Alan T never lectured,always inspired and were full of practical ideas. It was real gardening with them alright & you learnt from them as well. I guess some have it & some do not. I would vote vote for- 1st Toby then 2nd Carol Klein or the both of them with Alys too. After painstakingly reading all of the blog comments on this blog plus the comments on the sister blog to this one, it would appear that that is who the viewers want also. Gardeners World producers etc please take note.
I have never ever seen such a reaction as this one on a gardening blog. The beeb needs its bumps feeling as it clearly does not know its onions!! Its not Monty that the viewers want, it's very very clear to see that.
Lets face it Alan cannot be matched but Toby was a very close runner up. Toby, to me, is a favourable mix of the late great Geoff Hamilton and Alan Titchmarsh - says it all. You've messed up Gardeners World, you really have.
I watched and loved Gardeners World for years and learnt so much from it. From Alans charming & amusing presentation method to both Carol Kleins and Chris Beardshaws inspirational methods, now all gone. Toby had all those qualities now also gone, i no longer watch G.World & look forward to Alan on his new garden programme in June.
My choice for lead gardener would be 1 Toby Buckland 2 Carol Klein 3 Alys Fowler Perhaps the BBC should take heed of the comments being made on here by the people who fund them - but somehow I don't think they will. BRING BACK TOBY & ALYS!!!!
Cannot abide Monty Don and by replacing Toby with this arrogant pretentious person you have lost several million viewers beleive me, viewing figures plummetted the last time Mr Don was lead presenter, be prepared for the same to happen again. boring Monty Don is, he makes me depressed with his horrible creepy voice. He hasn't an idea about how to engage the viewer...just rambles on about what is in his head.


Please please please can we have Toby back now please! And Greenacre. And Alys! I am enjoying Carol tho, not much bothered about the rest! But I suppose thats the beauty of fast forward on sky plus! No offence Monty, but you're not for me.
After watching gardeners world for the last 20 years since our hero Geoff Hamilton was the presenter we are V Pleased. Sympathies to master buckland but its good to see your main man Monty back where he belongs. Too many close up shots depicting gardening as an arty farty profession were included in what needs to be a information led programme for all classes of gardeners. Im glad to see you back Monty and no disrespect but Rachael try to get some more practicle experience before you try and take the place of an expert on the show. Carol Klien is yet again someone most worthy of a place in the show as she has lived it, breathed it, and can most certainly do it, our ideal would be Geoff at the helme God Bless him with Monty and Carol following on with the great advice. Keep going Monty and dont forget with Geoff it was always gardening for all budgets. stick to a similar format and the viewing numbers will increase with you every month. Good luck to the team and lets get practicle gardening back on the agenda.
Thank goodness, I have my Friday Gardening pleasure back again. I have watched gardening shows to inspire me for the weekend since Geoff Hamilton's days when there was another show on Ch4 straight after it. Sigh, those were the days of gardening show plenty!! The only time I turned off was when it went stupid with the Top Gear'esque "cool shed wall" and all that nonsense. I just thought I was getting old!! I want something relaxing and inspiring not "poppy". I am not looking for entertainment, I'm looking for tips, techniques, information and ideas. I don't really care who delivers it just as long as they do it in a relaxing, factual way. I'm really pleased to have the old format back. I'll miss Alys, she's a sweetie but I got the impression her and Monty irritated each other - clashing on-screen chemistry. I would love Monty to stay on at GW and have a new show featuring Alys with her fresh, young ideas but without the nonsense that the producers seem to think grab viewing figures. Just an old fart's opinion! :0)