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hahahaha you block all you like. I really don't care.

I tried to upload a photo of the first part of our garden to show what I have done. All made possible with insperation I achieved from Alan Tichmarsh. We have lots more to do.

Managed it. This is some time back just after I built Summer house. A lot of earth was moved.

Do I rank as a Gardener yet?  or a figure of fun.


Well, I think it's great.  Puts my effort to shame, but I enjoy it and that's the main thing isn't it.  Just ignore all the silly snippers.  Not worth bothering about.

Golf whiskey
I like it. I like it a lot!
Pretty impressive.
Yep you certainly rank as a gardener of class


Gardening Grandma

Looks great, golf whiskey. Verdun, I have to agree with your last couple of posts.

Thanks both.     My wife dose the plants. I do the hard landscaping. Takes time though and of course cash. Trying to do things on a budget is the worst part.  We scourer the B&Q garden dept for plants at bargain prices. Some are near death but persistence brings them round. Plus we have a local Aldi and they are always having budget plants in. It is the only way we can do it. O seeds of course. We have discovered Chiltern seeds this year. They are very reasonable on prices.


Yes, Chiltern seeds have a wonderful selection, don't they?

We like their catalogue. Very humerus and well presented

Gardening Grandma

Really? I must get it. I love plant catalogues but am sometimes bored by seed catalogues.


Like the way you're using the different levels GW - my back garden is all one level and virtually square - I'm having to think hard how to build some structure into it.

The different levels are because our garden slopes up quite a lot. Believe me it is hard work  carving out the levels. I long for a level garden.  Strange how  we all want different to what we have.

We did se a garden earlier this year that wsrealy small and flat. It was out of this world how they had done it.They had made raised strucures and planted them out with Ferns and the like all very what you might say overcrowded but the effect was stunning. We have some DVD's of I think it is Matt James. The City Gardener. All his gardens are small but all are a real treat to the eye. worth a look

This is the small garden I was talking about. Although the gardenis small and flat they have built structures to change the levels and masses of Evergreen plants. The more clever among you may know the names. This was in the middle of a town and we were so taken with it we took this photo. January this year. Just shows that you do not need a big garden plus it must look good all year round and little maintenance.  Now that is what I call inspiring gardening

Morning golf whisky
I can see where your inspiration comes from.....looking at that photo.
A garden has to look good in winter all seasons,in fact and evergreen foliage provides substance, seclusion, structure and shape.
Look forward to seeing how your garden develops golf whisky.

 Good morning to you.

Very slowly at the minute. To cold to venture out a I am ashamed to say.  Here in Derby this morning there is cloud and a biting cold wind.  It will take us a while as we have a limited budget to work on hence trawling round B&Q etc for bargains. Our local Morrison shop has a small garden section with very cheap plants. All helps.


It's been a long Winter waiting for one of my most favorite TV programs to come back. Really looking forward to more of Monty's tips from his own garden.

I love Monty and can't wait to see Nigel. He give me loads of inspiration  as do the other GW team. Maybe people that don't like him or any tv gardener lack the imagination to adapt the styles to suit their own gardens. Any body can copy but it's more fun to take ideas and turn the garden into your own bit of Chelsea!


Marshmello... does that describe what's between your ears, your legs or both?


Why are we suddenly posting on a thread that is nearly two years old