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hallow all novice with orchids ihave a orchid oncidium also known as the dancing princess or tiger orchid it has finished flowering how do i prune it
like grannyanne I have 2 white orchids, bought last october, as I was fed up continually buyng cut flowers. Including 2 pots to put them in, they cam to 19.96 altogether, and have flowered non stop. at This moment the 2 have 36 flowers, the most has been 44. Mine is on a table in a west facing room, but not in direct sunlight. They seem to like it there.
thank you for the tips on growing orchids but can you advise if they can be potted on when in flower, my plant just keeps on flowering and now I have another plant growing in the same pot which obviously needs separating.
I own a moth orchid, and have previously trimmed it back. Recently it has produced a few new buds. However it seems intent on producing lots of new leaves up each stem,is this right?


I love your picture of the moth orchard! Who took it? I've grown some at home myself. They look very pretty! Could you give me some tips on growing them better? Thank you for your help Adam
Paul Richardson
[A newbie to the orchid world]
After helping my landlord with a bit of decorating, i had found what looks like a moth orchid, which looked a right state. The flowers and flower stem had died, and the two main leaves are yellowy/green. I had originally had re-potted it in compost after trimming some of the roots, a [very small] amount of rooting compound, with normal baby bio drip feed. Even after a week, i had noticed the small central leaves had grown a little
After having a look round on the internet, i'd found i had done it all wrong, so went of to the garden centre, and with the help of one of the workers, got some proper soil and orchid baby bio. So hopefully [and with luck], it will grow.
I'm still concerned about the main leaves though. Any advice or guidance would be grateful, especially about watering.

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