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hollie hock

I'm happy that the smell of Spring is the air, the daffs are finally opening and  the grape hyacinths are popping up.


What a lovely thread, a joy to read. I've often been embarrassed to say I'm happy as so many people seem to complain about everything, but as I get older I reckon that I have as much right to be happy as they have to moan. It is always such a pleasure to hear from happy marion.

Butterflies in the garden,including bright yellow ones - where did they all suddenly spring from? Spring is here!

Im happy cause ive finished the ironing at lastThink im a cup half full kinda girl. At least i hope so



Thank you, Artjak.  Today my little bit of horyicultural happiness comes from my "Easter"(?) cactus which I had forgotten about for a year and despaired of it ever recovering when  found it behnd the fig tree.  it has one pink flower on it so I rewarded it by buying two companions for it.  The orange one is booked to go in my Golden Jubilee Garden next year.


Hello happymarion ,  browsing...  I've just found, and lost again, your thread on 'Views' which you posted some time (years) ago. So pleased to find you!

When I find it again I'll show off my new skill at 'quoting' and post it here.  


Happy marion, what is your Golden Jubilee garden about?


Morning  happy-talkers

Pentillie, how lovely to see butterflies. It's always brimstones I see first but haven't yet. I did have a large bee zoom past my ear yesterday! Holliehock, my grape hyacinths are opening up now. I hope they last until the red tulips open because I love seeing them together.

happymarion wrote (see)

Sometimes when I visit gardens I find myself irresistibly drawn to the view out of the garden,  as in Hidcote garden, here, where the sheep are grazing in the surrounding park and there

is a lovely view of the Malvern Hills.  And in nearby Kiftsgate Manor gardens another lovely view.

 In Barrington Court the Public Footpath runs through the garden so you can walk out into the view and photograph the lovely Elizabethan Court from the cow field..

From the Laing (veranda) in the Chinese Medicinal Herb garden at the Bristol botanic garden you can see a view of nearby Blaise Castle Grounds and on a good day the wind turbines at Avonmouth behind it, and the hills of south Wales beyond the Severn.  This garden is to have windows in the bamboo fence to allow glimpses of the other gardens and so that those outside can peep in - a truly Chinese custom.

 Found it! (in archives)...thank you happymarion...inspiring's not often one stands back to take a look at the gardens plus the views. Could our own gardens stand the 'long view' I wonder?

hollie hock

I spent a couple of happy hours seed sowing today

I love grape hyacinths Flo, as I can never remember exactly where they are, so when they come up it's always a surprise.


Love the views Happy Marion! This Saturday I am going to 'my' castle, Pentillie Castle near St Mellion, in Cornwall, which is hosting another Pentillie Babes reunion day. The views from the terrace, across the Tamar, looking over to Dartmoor, are stunning, and your pictures have whetted my appetite for the coming weekend!
We Cornish are easily pleased - big views,good light,sub-tropical gardens - and a big, home-made Tiddy Oggie washed down by a pint of Doombar - easy to be happy when I'm back down there!
Just watched 'The Royal Paintbox' on ITV - very inspirational and uplifting. I am an artist myself (when I have the time), and I found this history of the Royal Family artists so interesting, and Prince Charles was a great narrator - a real eye-opener, and Charles, with his obvious passion, seemed like a different person! More programmes like this please.
hollie hock

I'm happy that the sun is predicted to shine here tomorrow today so will be sowing seeds and I've seen a delphinium pop up in a bed as a complete surprise.

Pennine Petal
Flo, me too! But I like cake and it has petals on.



Sun is shining here and I have surprises popping up all over the place. Mostly primroses and pulmonarias - and a bee and a brimstone butterfly   My baby blackbirds have flown the nest, haven't seen them anywhere but I have loads of cover and I keep thinking I can hear them.

Hollie hock - hope you have your promised sun - and everyone else too, of course.


Cilmeri I just saw you post on here about 'views'. It's called a borrowed view (self explanatory) and yes, you can create it in your own garden by cutting gaps in hedges or fences etc to glimpse the view beyond. It's most effective if your own garden is fairly enclosed and it then looks like the bit you see through the 'hole' is another part of your own plot. It's a lovely thing to do if you can-the Italians are very good at it and the 'landscape' designers here hundreds of years ago.


I'm happy to be back in my own garden today, but I was happy on my trip to England too. I was happy looking at Sissinghurst woodland blue flowers.

 and my own garden



Gorgeous, Liz!

I was happy to be back in my own garden today. Not that I've been travelling, just that today is the first day it's felt like a proper spring in the garden day. I had a lovely time weeding the rhubarb patch  as well as a selection of other jobs.