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Hi everyone! My plum tomatoes are growing and growing and growing. ..! I heard somewhere that I should pinch out the tips, is that right? If it is, then can anyone please tell me how to pinch them out? I'd be very grateful For some help

You pinch out the growing tip when it has reached the top of the greenhouse or when you have 6 trusses of fruits for outside plants.

Side shoots are removed for corden (straight up) tomato plants, these are found in the leaf axil between the leaf and main stem

But mine don't have fruits yet, only flowers. Although I can see only 3 tomatoes

So don't pinch out the tips only remove side shoots

Ok. Will that make them stop growing like crazy?



It should stop them from growing out sideways

Ok Thanks. Can you tell me how tall they get?

It depends on growing conditions and variety, usually more than 6 foot in a greenhouse

Oh ok
Thank you for your help Fleurisa. I really appreciate it

If its Roma, you dont pick out anything, they grow as a bush and wil produce all the tomatoes at the same time. They only grow to about 3ft, but do need staking. 

Maybe yours isnt a Roma, if you know what its called, the internet will tell you if its a determinate type, or


Hi Lyn, it's a Principe Borghese. What should I do with it?
I looked on the net, but all I get is seed adverts
Thank you Edd! I've staked them today, made a kind of Cage for them. ... I'll post pictures of my harvest (hopefully)

The commercial growers let them grow in a sloping fashion for many metres.  They have access to optimum feed and warmth and can keep them going far longer than we can.

I don't have slopes I'm Growing them in pots


loony gardner wrote (see)
Hi Lyn, it's a Principe Borghese. What should I do with it?

Glad you have sorted it out, usually best to look on the net first if you can, you could have ruined your crop.

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