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Hi all

Yesterday I decided that I wanted to move my Sedum ( I think it's Autumn Joy) from the front garden as it's too large for the space and also it's the wrong colour.  I have read that sedums are pretty tough and won't mind too much, can anyone confirm this?  Also can I divide it now to make new sedums?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


To be honest I wouldn't split it now - it'll just be forming it's flower buds - that doesn't mean that it won't work, but personally I wouldn't want to take the risk.

However, if you can dig up a huge rootball and move it quickly and water it in well it probably won't notice it's been moved. 

But you say it's huge - how huge is it?  Perhaps splitting it would be ok .......... 


Very easy Daisy. Chop 'em up and stick 'em in!

I've just moved one and it's growing away quite happily. If small bits break off you can put them in a pot and they'll root very quickly. Bigger pieces will be happy being planted right away - assuming they're going into a suitable site. They're very forgiving 


There you are - Fg says it will be fine - I'm just being a bit cowardly 



I've done it at all times of the year - even when you're not meant to  - otherwise I wouldn't have said to do it!


Well I would cut it back by half now, then lift with,as big a rootball as possible ( think this is important as sedums take a while to recover if rootball is lost).  As always, make sur you have a recipient hole prepared.  Water well.  Would not divide

Your cut back plant should still have flowers in late August or September 

When you cut back your sedum you can use them cuttings.


Wow fantastic advice, thanks!  I will move it today, I won't try to divide it but if bits break off then so be it.  Dove, it's not monstrous, I only bought it last year, although it's about twice the size now, it's just it's in a narrow strip of a bed down the side of the path at the front.  I planted it there originally because it has full sun and the soil is a bit stony and thin, ideal conditions I thought.  But I found the pink flowers jarring last autumn given that I've got mostly yellow and orange down that side.  Hence the move.

Thanks again everyone, perhaps some cake to show my appreciation...

Daisy, that will move easily then ....still get as much rootball as poss though and still cut back top growth.

So then.....with my extra bit of advice....I assume that ALL that cake is for ME 


I've just had a bacon and tomato sandwich - no room for cake, so unless Fg wants some it's all yours Verdun 



I read once that you take the cuttings from non flowering shoots , 4" 10cm long and leave them dry for 24 hours to callous before popping them into compost. Apparently the fleshy tissue roots better once it's been allowed to dry partially.

I've never tried it but it does sound fairly logical.


Oh my goodness so confusing - I read yesterday on the internet that cuttings should be popped in water, and I bit I broke off is now in a jar - should I just pop it in a pot?


Verdun don't be greedy, you couldn't possible eat all that cake by yourself!!!


I've popped bit I've accidentally broken straight back into the ground and they've grown. Maybe they don't really care? tee hee.



They dont care, I did the Chelea chop a couple of weeks ago, put all the trimmings, 4 to a 4 inch pot, they rooted straight away and are now planted out. Pu the whole potfull in one place. Enough for the bees anywhere they choose to go.

I move it and take cuttings anytime I need too.

Daisyheadcase, yes I could.  I'd do that for you 

Dont like cuttings in well with impatiens......rather pot them up in mpc and perlite.  Just as quick.



Well thanks again, Verdun, and to Hostafan and Lyn.  Cakes all round, I think.  Fairygirl and Dove, maybe you're ready for some elevenses?



Oooh, yes pleeeeeeeeeeeeease - and as OH has gone out to buy new jeans I can't share with him can I, even if I wanted to 

I've put the kettle on - coffee everyone?

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