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I've just received the February 2014 issue of Gardeners' World magazine and was surprised to find 19 leaflets included with the magazine.  I know that companies like to advertise in this way but 19 leaflets in one magazine is ridiculous especially as I received 6 copies of the same leaflet!  It would be interesting to know if other people have received large amounts of leaflets with their magazines.  In a time when we are encouraged to cut down on waste and recycle we shouldn't be receiving so much unwanted mail.

Unfortunately, I think that in these days of advertising deals, it goes with the territory that if you run a magazine (as I did many years ago) part of the advertiser's terms was to include flyers etc. I do agree that there are far too many though. yet as ever it is a cheap method of advertising. What I wish is that inserts would actually have something to do with the reading material. I am sick of receiving disability aid info for the garden when I am keeping fit actually gardening!!

Orchid Lady
I thought exactly the same Itsy, although none were duplicated. Not sure exactly how many I had and they are now all in the recycling without even a second glance so a total waste of money!! The only one it kept was a seed book from Parker's which I will have a look through.

dear T-N, yes, do look at the Parkers booklet but please don't order anything from them!  They tell fibs by photographing things together that cannot grow together and flower months apart.  Their plants are often small and sick, and iris rhizomes arrived mouldy and slimy.  The varieties have not always been correct either - I would admire the silly pictures and then dump it!  Learned several years ago that this one gets binned!

Orchid Lady
Thanks Bookertoo, I did wonder with them,being so cheap, I like a bargain but only a good one!! Thanks again, it's on the fire!


Well, to be fair, I have had some excellent shrubs from Parkers at very good prices. As for all the leaflets, I really enjoy some of them. It's true I'm not ready for a stairlift yet but when I am, I'll know where to get one.

That is exactly what I thought when I opened the magazine, there seemed even more than usual and then you get to the middle and more spill out!  The magazine itself is full of adverts, do they really need all the flyers as well?!  I've also had bad experiences with J Parkers.  Rotten plug plants and even sending the wrong plugs which you don't realise until you've grown them on.


You can either put up with having al those leaflets and just quietly bin them or risk having to pay more for your magazine.  Those advertising fees subsidise its production.


You can either quietly put up with having all those leaflets and just recycle them or risk having to pay more for your magazine.  Those advertising fees subsidise its production.


And sometimes mistakes happen and an extra one appears - be it leaflet or post 


Besides, it keep site poor postal workers in business as they carry them up our hill, and the waste collectors as they carry them down again!! So much for trying to save what is left of the planet!  However, it is the same with most magazines these days, especially in Spring!

Patsy F wrote (see)

I agree.  The first thing I do when the magazine arrives is to tip it over so all the unwanted leaflets fall out.  They are then put straight into the paper recycling bin.




They go towards the cost of the magazine and they make a great contribution to my compost heap in the winter when there is not much other stuff around.


I find parkers very good, i have lots of bare root plants in my  greenhouse and have just potted the penstemons on into 5 inch pots already now for planting out in May. My garden is decked out with beautiful plants only ever from parkers sales, 

I dont like to hear them talked about in such way. You just need to look after them and they will come on well.

So what are you meant do do when they arrive dead or when they send you verbascum when they're meant to be scabious Lyn?  In order for you to have your opinion you have to accept that  many other people have had bad quality/service from them, it isn't personal and it doesn't mean that other people are incapable of potting plants on.  

No fighting please. From what I have read, and experienced with Parkers is that some have good, some bad experiences.

It is up to the individual to choose where they buy from.

I believe the 'good guys' thread is the best way for all of us to promote the good, and warn of the bad.

Those companies who come in for criticism, should take heed and try to raise their own standards accordingly.

Referring the companies to the good guys thread and the observations within, will raise standards, and should be part of any complaint or observation, by affected parties.


Orchid Lady
Oops, sorry it didn't meant to cause any arguments
Stacey Docherty

Oooooooo I just ordered a load from parkers. I'm sure some people have had good experiences with them and let's face it we always remember and talk about the bad and not the good but I have to say since ordering from them I have read very few good reviews well let's see how they do with my :- 2x heuchera Venus, 5 astrantia, lady in red fern, and clematis sieboldii !!!!!! For those of you who have bad experiences how were Their customer services? 

Stacey Docherty

Brum if they are no good I will be straight on the phone to complain rest assured!


Obelixx is quite right stating that advertising subsidises the magazines. I once worked in the industry many years ago and I was told that the cost of producing magazines was more than we pay for them and that the adverts keep the price down. I'm afraid that we have to put up with them and be grateful!


Let's just re-cycle and worry about more serious things.

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